Whenever I Want To Run Away And Find Peace, This Is What I Do

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The kind of lifestyle we have these days leaves us drained and stressed. Be it related to our work, family or friends. There are moments when I feel the need to run away somewhere in pursuit of peace. I want to run away from all the responsibilities. But is it right to do so? There is nothing wrong in wanting to have qualitative time for myself but do I get that? One day at college, we had an activity in which we are all supposed to share the happy moments of our lives. It made me think about my happy moments. And it also made me realize that how I had forgotten about those moments. I dwell on the problems most of the time and stress out for the same.

I realised I was spending a lot of energy in being stressed for no reason and it made me realize that I forget to be happy.

I questioned myself, why do I think about the miserable moments and memories which make me sad and anxious? I was simply draining myself with such thoughts. It took me so long to recollect my happy moments. If I was asked about the sad moments I would have said it without even blinking my eye. It’s so strange.

In life, we usually forget to be happy. We stress so much about sadness that our happiness takes a back seat. Ideally it should be other way round, right?

Happy moments for me are abundant. This is an exercise which I have intended to do daily. I recall those moments that bring a smile or happy tears to me, and I get ready to embrace more happy moments to come. If I apply the medical logic here if I am happy I'll stay and look young for longer. Jokes apart, but this is true. Stress is directly related to ageing and invites many diseases. To all those who are reading this, let's do an exercise: Recollect your 3 happy memories and see how you feel. And if you feel like sharing your happy moments, I'll be glad to read them. My happiness score is rising day by day. How?

I just feel happy about my existence.

Here are my 3 top scoring happy moments:

1. My niece: Every time I see her, it gives me immense happiness. The moments when I can't see her, I open her picture folder and admire her.

2. Getting my dream job and working on it daily: I am feeling blessed to be a part of the organization which I dreamt of. This dream is a reality.

3. When I surprise my parents by visiting home: Seeing their faces gives me immense pleasure. Papa tries not to react and maa's eyes are filled with joyous tears (although I never want to be the reason for her tears :P).

Recollecting these moments is making me smile ear to ear. I can list down more and I feel one should write down their happy moments and read them when sadness tries to knock at their door. Let's be happy and spread happiness.

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