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When You're Ready To Lose Big, You'll Become That One Great Love Of Their Life

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People don't understand that you can't fool someone over and over again.

Just because they ignore it, doesn't mean they don't understand it! People are not fools; they do understand the need and reasons for love, but they also understand that they don't need the whole world to be happy and content. Just one person is enough if that one is her.

People don't understand that it isn't easy to keep some people in your life when you have to treat them nice and also do special things for them, every now and then. You need to take care of them, you need to deal with their mess, and you need to wipe their a** all the time. But you don't get anything in return.

They might take you casually, they might ignore you or make fun of your innocence but believe me, if you love them, this won’t be an issue.

A real relationship is a lot messier; it's not as romantic as it appears on Instagram.

A real relationship is a full-time job; much like studying in an IIM. You can't take timeouts, you can't say I need a day off… you can’t just turn off the net and act according to your mood. It isn't like Disney movies where there is a happy ending every time.

Sometimes you have to accept whatever ending you get and sometimes, you don't even get an ending!

It's life, it sucks and you'll love it. If you want to be with someone, be with him or her, end of story. When you realize your worth and are ready to lose big, that's when life starts to suck.

The price of being a diamond is that people can't afford it.

The life of a diamond isn't as beautiful as it looks on the TBZ Website. In fact, the worth of a diamond is decided by people who cannot understand its value. For some it’s just another stone in their box, for some it's the greatest achievement. A diamond is precious, still sellable. It's as shiny as the stars yet filled with black carbon.

No matter who you are, no matter how beautifully you shine or how much worth you hold; there will be a time when people will trade you for a single piece of grain. Sometimes beauty isn't in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes you have to shine for yourself.

Sometimes you have to shine because you still can.

In life, you lose some people for no good reasons. You just lose them in a second; you don't even get a chance to detach yourself. It hurts; it makes you angry, maybe makes you a little sad too.

This is life, there are no instruction manuals, people make mistakes and they lose, even when they are highly careful.

Even when it's f*****g special and they love to keep it the way it was. Sometimes people make mistakes even when they are aware of it; even when they know they could be in trouble. I cannot tell you why they do it or if they are crazy to do so?

But I can surely tell you one thing, they are sorry even if they don't affirm.

They are burning inside. They are crying when no one is watching, but their tears don't flow down their eyes, instead, they keep their emotions together.

Someone needs to be tough; someone needs to be wrong. Someone just needs to be that someone.

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