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When I Had Lost All Hopes, He Entered Into My Life And Made It A Fairy Tale Again

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The story started a long time ago. I was just completing my school and like every school going girl, I too had a crush on one of my classmate. He proposed me one day but I was anxious about it since we were only kids then. He even wrote letters for me but I was in a denial mode.

Out of nowhere, my parents came to know about the letters he was writing to me and so they got him rusticated from the school.

I completed my school and went to another city to pursue my higher studies. While studying there, I met a guy and suddenly everything started to fall into place. We both were serious about each other and wanted to take our relationship to the final point of marriage. Everything went smoothly for 3 years, probably because we stayed in the same city.

We both would bunk classes together and meet outside, and do all other crazy things a normal couple would do in a relationship.

After my studies were over, I went back to my hometown and we maintained a long distance relationship which had its own on and off phase going.

I was doing my masters from distance learning and so to meet my boyfriend, I always had to lie or give some excuses to my parents. Finally, the day arrived when my parents asked me for the marriage and wanted to know if I already liked someone. I clearly told them about my boyfriend.

We had both promised ourselves that in this difficult phase of life we would support each other in every possible way. And I was trying to convince my parents to let me marry the guy I love. This went for almost one year.

Everyone in my family was against my decision because of the social norms and culture.

Marrying a guy from different castes is usually considered a huge crime by our society and that’s why my family was having a hard time accepting him.

When my mother went to see the astrologer get our kundali matched, she found out that I was a mangalik girl who wanted to marry a non-mangalik guy. I still wanted to marry him because I believed love can triumph over any hurdles.

But my boyfriend didn’t feel the same way. He became curious and started having second thoughts about us. He didn’t want to marry a mangalik girl. While this was going on, I was fighting alone for us with my family.

I begged my boyfriend to come down to my city and assure my parents that we loved each other, but he never showed any interest.

He was living his life normally there and I was dying all alone in my city. My brother had stopped talking to me and I became invisible to my parents. For one year, I kept trying to convince my parents and he never seemed to care.

One day, another marriage proposal arrived for me and when I asked my boyfriend to convince me not to meet the other guy, he told me that we weren’t made for each other. And that day, I ended our relationship.

After some time, I took a job to keep myself happy and busy so that I don’t go into depression only thinking about what had happened.

My life was like a roller coaster ride. When I was trying to get over my ex-boyfriend, I met the guy I had a crush on in school and he proposed me for marriage. I didn’t know if that was fate or God who was trying to take my tests because we belonged to the same castes and were mangalik as well. Our families readily agreed to our marriage.

My crush knew everything about my past through our mutual friends. I was happy that I was going to marry a guy who knew everything about me and vice versa. We both got engaged in 10 days. Marriage was set to be arranged within a month.

Everything was going good and suddenly one day, he started making excuses for quitting the relationship. He would give stupid reasons like we didn’t understand each other or I wasn’t giving him enough time.

He was convincing his parents to call off the marriage.

But since his family knew my nature, they weren’t agreeing with their son’s decision.

Despite trying hard, all his efforts were getting wasted. So as his last weapon, he used my past to manipulate his parent’s mind. He revealed my past to his parents and pretended that I never told him about it and I was trying to hide it from him.

His family finally agreed to his decision to call off the marriage and suddenly I was a witch in everyone's eye in his family. He used to insult me in whatever way he could – for my lifestyles and my choices. I started feeling annoyed and depressed.

I realised I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life with a person who didn’t respect me and played with my feelings and emotions. We broke up and everything was over within a month.

I was completely shattered. When I shared all of it with my friends, they told me that he did those things only to take revenge on me. He wanted to make me feel the same was he did in school because of me.

I wondered how someone can be so mean and serious about taking revenge. 

After facing two-breakups, I was determined not to marry anyone. I was feeling all depressed.

But then, entered the true love of my life. My parents found a suitable guy for me and told him everything about my past. He accepted it and now he brings happiness to me daily. He never misses a chance to make me smile. He loves and craves for my attention every single second and I just feel on cloud seven every single day.

It was hope that kept me going and staying optimistic throughout helped me find the love of my life. He is my ‘Solitaire.’

I believe in loving life and loving yourself!

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