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When I Had Completely Lost Faith, He Made Me Super-Like Love Again

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Love happened when I was least expecting it, and that's when I knew it was real. I had lost faith in relationships until the day my best friend forced me to join Tinder, and then I met him.

My ex-boyfriend lived in a different city. We rarely used to meet but I was happy that way. We both followed different religions but it never affected our relationship until one day when he told me that his sister was forcing him to marry someone else from their community, and it was difficult for him to refuse. I had given myself completely to him, so when he told me about this, I lost faith in relationships altogether.

I became depressed and started avoiding my friends and family. I was also not able to concentrate on work during this time. My life had become a living hell and I started consuming alcohol excessively, and would even get suicidal thoughts. It was then my best friend tried talking me out of it and forced me to join Tinder, and since then, my life changed for better.

I met my love on Tinder! The second day after installing the app, I received a super like from him. I right swiped him too and soon, we couldn't stop talking.

He even asked me out for dinner, but I was very scared to meet him as I had never been on a date with a stranger before. Despite giving him tons of excuses, he managed to convince me that I should meet him.

Our first date was amazing, he was funny and made me feel so comfortable in his company that I forgot I was meeting him for the first time. He told me about how much he enjoys talking to me and how interested he is to know me as a person. He even introduced me to his friends that evening. Thereafter, we continued talking over the phone and discussing our lives.

After few days, we met again and he confessed his feelings to me. I was scared to see how serious he was getting for me and didn't give him an answer. He understood my concerns and helped me overcome them. Days passed and he made me feel so comfortable that I started sharing all my fears and secrets which I would never share with anyone else. I realised how genuine his feelings were for me and I too had started liking him by then.

Men like him are rare to find and I realized that if I let him go, it would be the biggest mistake of my life. We met again one evening and I told him 'Yes,' and since then, my life has changed.

We have completed almost five months together and there hasn't been even a single day of regret or sorrow. We do fight sometimes, but those fights have only got us closer to each other. He has changed my perception about love for the better. He made me realize that a woman is equally important in a relationship as the man. He supports me in my professional struggles and loves me for who I am. I found him when I had lost hopes of love and that is the beauty of our relationship. I had no expectations from him when we first met, but with his innocent little efforts, he made me believe in love once again.

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