When He Abandoned Me I Realized What True Love Really Looked Like

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 30 January, 2018

It was in college that I met him. For the first 2 years, we were friends and later, he proposed me. He promised to stay in my life no matter what happens to me, and he spoke to me like he is the sweetest, most romantic boyfriend, and the most perfect gentleman ever! I fell for those words. After two years of our love, we were placed in different companies in Chennai and everything started there.

My family is a typical Tamil family which had started looking for an alliance for me, as soon as I finished college. But for the first time when they had spoken to me about it, I had yelled and created a scene.

They were heartbroken and stopped seeing more alliances for me until I agreed. But the love of my life had started roaming around with another girl in his company and had started avoiding me. Once he told me that he is visiting me on a Sunday, for which on Saturday I had so many plans in my head and I wasn’t able to sleep because I was excited about meeting him the next day. And then on Sunday 7 am, he called and said to me that he isn’t coming, and the reason was stupid, he said that he cannot come because he doesn’t have proper papers for AP registered bike. He could have used another means of transport to see me but he didn’t.



When I asked him about all this, he said that he is not ready to live with a “psycho” like me. I wanted us to set up our careers so that my father would accept him as a son-in-law, but this guy said that he had already lost his career and life because he loved me and there was no use in loving me anymore, for him. When I asked him about the girl he hanged out with, he said that she is far better than me. I told him that I can’t forget him, but he said that all girls do this easily these days, and told me not to create a scene out of this.

I even begged him to marry me, but he had already fallen into another relationship, apparently.

And then started my nightmare. For one year, I struggled with depression, madness, suicidal thoughts, all at once. I started shouting at everyone for no reason.

I would only be crying all day, and during this one year, there stood by me only family and friends. They proved that they were there by my side.

I really thank God that I haven’t opened up about my love to my father, because he trusted me very much and it would have hurt him badly. My bond with my father grew tenfold in this period. My mom became my best friend and in now it has been 1.5 years, I am now happily accepting what my parents have decided for me. It was this love that made me realize who really cares for me. It taught me to stand up and be bold against all hurdles. It taught me what joy is, and where it comes from.

Above all, it taught me what true love is and now I am waiting for my prince charming who would love me for what I am, and I am waiting to shower him with tons and tons of love.
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