We Were Only Teenagers When He Managed To Destroy My Faith In Love Completely

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 19 September, 2018

I was studying in 7th standard and he was in his 10th standard when we met through a common friend in school. We then went on to become good friends. His friend and my friend were in a relationship. So they would fix up their meetings and we would just accompany them.

Slowly we too started liking each other.

I still remember all the details very clearly. It was our first annual function in school. We had started practising for our function when my friend came to meet me. She was very excited.

That was the turning point of my life. He had sent me a proposal through her. I know I was too young to fall in love but it was an amazing feeling. I too had started liking him a lot.

But I did not want to give him a reply till our annual function got over. The day came soon enough. I was sitting near the stage with the other participants. I was wearing a pink lehnga and he was standing outside the tent and staring at me. I waved and called out to him. I said, “Pyaas lagi hai. Paani la de na please..” He brought me a glass of water and then slowly asked me if my friend had told me anything. I said, “Yes. She did tell me something.” He said, “So? What’s your answer?”

I smiled and blushed. I slowly said, “It’s a yes!”

We were now a couple. We could not get through a day without meeting each other. The entire school got to know about us.

Everyone was talking about our relationship. We were indeed a perfect couple. We would meet on the staircase or near the tap. Sometimes we would meet outside the school too. He would come to my colony after school hours just to see me once.

Soon we started talking on our mobiles at night. We met whenever we could. We hugged and kissed too. Sometimes we fought too. But everything was perfect.

Some of my classmates and other people warned me about him. They kept telling me that he went out with other girls too. But I never believed them. We were together for three years.

He then passed out of school and went to Dehradun to do his B.Tech. For the first six months, things were OK between us. But after that, he started ignoring me. I was still madly in love with him.

I was still very young and he meant the world to me. Initially, I tried to understand his problems and situations. But things started worsening after that. He continued to ignore me.

Our conversations became less frequent and we would end up fighting every time we talked. Even when he came home during the vacations, we would hardly meet because he would always ignore me.

It was the worst time of my life. I was still in the 11th standard when I went through all this.

I finally discussed everything with my friends. They suggested that I leave him. But I thought that he will never let me go out of his life. But I was wrong.

I called him up on his birthday to wish him and also to just see what his response would be. I told him that this was the last time I was calling him because I was breaking up with him. He just said, “OK!”

I was shocked because I had never expected him to give me this kind of a reply.

I was heartbroken and depressed. I tried to commit suicide and my parents were heartbroken to see me in this condition. It took me a year to overcome that relationship. I was depressed for a long while after I broke up with him. My family and my friends supported me a lot at that time.


But even after all these years, I continue to remain an emotionless person. I no longer believe in relationships or love. And this is only because of him.

But yes, he has transformed me into a bold and strong individual. I have become an independent, smart and intelligent person. Now, instead of wasting my time on love, I am totally focussed on creating a great career for myself.

Another guy is now a part of my life now. He actually loves me and I am getting married to him in the near future. I was not yet ready to enter into any kind of relationship with anyone at that time. But he waited patiently for me for more than three years. He proposed to me recently and said that he wanted to get married to me.

Author's Note:

Always be with a person who loves you. Don’t ruin your life for a person you loved in your past. In all probability, he never valued you as a person. The person who loves you will always value you.

Editor's Note:

Love will always be a part of our lives – from the day we are born till the day we die. Yes, the facet of love keeps changing with time. But the life lessons that we glean from our experiences add a beautiful dimension to our personality. Only the people who know us in and out will know - why we are who we are today – isn’t it? Let’s share this story and acknowledge the powerful role of love in our lives.