We Were Dreaming Of A Future Together Until He Chose The Girl His Mom Approved.

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 24 August, 2018

They say that "Sometimes we really don't understand people even after knowing them for years".

Whoever they are, they are right.

I knew…Let’s call him A…since we were 16 years old. A was my classmate but we never really spoke to each other. We actually only initiated contact three years later and had started living in different cities. This guy who never spoke to me all this time suddenly sent me a friend request to me on Facebook. I was at first surprised at first and in quite in a dilemma whether to accept the request or not but I figured to myself that it won't cause any harm, so, I accepted. Then on the second day, I received a message from him and I replied. We spoke casually, exchanged pleasantries, asked what each other was up to lately and later, we exchanged numbers. No big deal. Gradually, Facebook chatting moved to phone calls and SMS-ing (WhatsApp was yet to be invented). We became really good friends and started sharing everything about our lives because that’s the kind of comfort we had. This continued till mid-2012.


The realization that the bonding between us was developing into love started dawning without actually understanding the meaning of that relationship. I understood it only when my best friend made me confront these feelings and it was his cousin that did for him.

Unlike other couples, neither of us proposed to the other. Instead, we sat and talked about what we feel for each other. We were still in that initial dreamy period and everything was peaches and roses until I started getting some matrimonial profiles from my parents and relatives. One alliance was almost fixed and that made A feel very insecure.

He felt that I would just give in and leave him. So, he came to meet me to convince me that would always be there for me and I should not think of a future with anybody about else but him. I believed every word he said. I was convinced in my heart that he will stay with me for life. Even my siblings felt that A was the one for me. Amongst our friend circle, we had become the couple that everyone looked up to as the ideal. He was THE perfect guy for me. Caring, loving and willing to change for me (He used to be an alcoholic but he quit). We used to have these long phone calls every Saturday night and those calls made me sure that I was going to spend my life with this man.

Silly Me. Thinking that LOVE is real.

 Not much later after he had come to meet me, A too received a marriage alliance proposal. It was from his uncle's RICH friend for him who were looking for a groom for their daughter and A was the chosen one. His mother was delighted. Looking at the turn of events, he decided to tell his mother about me. That did NOT make her happy. Instead of understanding the situation, his mother started creating misunderstandings between us. She called me and humiliated me. I can never forget the way she spoke with me. She claimed that it was me who had led her son astray.

Then, A too decided to stick the knife in my back by siding with his mother in the matter. While I waited for this spineless man, He went ahead and met that girl and also got engaged to her. It was on a Saturday again that he called me and started praising that girl (and how rich her family was) and comparing her with me. That’s not all! His AUNT calls me one day and starts accusing ME of trying to break their bond. ME, the one he had left behind to be with this girl he hardly knew.

But there was to be one final twist in the tale.

A suddenly realized that he was making a mistake gambling with his life and approached me to run away and get married. NOT. GONNA. HAPPEN.  I couldn’t trust him anymore. With nothing left to say between us, I decided to cut off all the ties with him. But I can still never forget the humiliation I went through for the crime of loving him.

Today, A is married to that very girl and I am living my life with a grudge. He has made me realize that in today’s world, the power of money is stronger than the power of Love. I am determined now that I will marry only when I earn all the money I need and more and never be dependent on any man. In fact, since he has gone, I have found a great substitute for Love – REVENGE. 

Editor's Note:

Some emotional wounds are not easy to heal. To forgive and forget does not seem like a possible choice. But nurturing hate is not healthy and causes hurt to take root in the soul.

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