We Met At Our Favorite Bar In Delhi And Here’s How We Keep Our Relationship Healthy

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We met at Sidecar, our favorite bar in Delhi. It was not love at first sight.
Since neither of us planned to get married so early, we were both in for cocktails and scooting an hour later. Despite our initial plans, we ended up talking for over four hours. As a result, we agreed to meet every day, even for five minutes.

We would go for short walks, a roadside bhutta, a gym class on some days, or even share some coke under Phalasha's house.
The idea was to keep noise away and experience different things together.

After about three to four months, we discovered it was love at first sight! Except for the pandemic, we had no major issues. We are very transparent as people to each other and our families. So, once we were in it, we did not seek permission.

Gladly, our families love each other more than we do at times.

We have consciously built a habit of communicating openly, clearly, and without fear. We have established that we won’t judge each other for sounding silly or stupid.

There are no gender roles at our place. We both work. We both do household chores and based on our abilities, we divide and assign tasks to keep life running smoothly.
To keep our relationship healthy and active, we spend time away from each other. We believe that to maintain the attraction, we need to grow both individually and collectively. Surprises are vital to things alive and kicking. And developing new dimensions to your personality can keep your partner engaged and happy.

On bad days, we sit, look bad, and sulk. There is no other way to go about that. We’re crying and kissing a friendly house!

In the end, I believe that finding love is never tricky because you can’t really ''discover'' it. It will always find you, so just sit back and enjoy the ride!

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