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We Finally Met After Ten Years, And Yes, He Was The Soulmate I'd Imagined!

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Have you ever wondered how it feels when someone touches you? And I don’t mean a physical touch but something far more meaningful!

I once knew a boy who fell for a girl, who smiled at the thought of her name, I once knew a girl who fell for a boy, who felt the very same. But it became a struggle, and timing was wrong so they didn't belong.

I was meeting this boy for the first time, though we had known each other for over a decade, we never got a chance to meet. The connection we shared was MAGIC! It was like our souls had met long before our eyes did. There is a kind of understanding that comes through observation. That feeling that hits you when you meet that special someone for the first time and realise that you have never before felt this way. In an instant, you see them and are truly seen to the core. Your souls are in sync. Scanning the entire hall, our eyes finally met, and excitement, anxiety and curiosity collapsed into each other. Glances were stolen and smiles never escaped the lips. Butterflies fluttered about in the stomach.

The trance was broken when I heard a voice behind me …”Hey there!”, he said. I spun around quickly and there he was. Black eyes, an arched nose, broad shoulders…he was exactly as I had imagined him to be through our chats going back to our early teenage years. We had known each other a while since we started chatting and these talks had shaped and powered through the last chapter of my teenage life. Both of us later joined colleges across two different states and had big ideas about a future beyond the cities we were growing up in.

Years later, Today, We face each other knowing where our life’s headed yet still clueless. Though we don’t speak much, our eyes do a lot of the talking. Whether it is just through half-smiles and just taking in the presence of each other, I just know that at this moment, I never have or ever will feel as connected with anybody else as I do with him with right now.  I have had everything in my life and I couldn’t ask for more but there was a missing part, a void, emptiness to my existence. I just wanted to be with him. It was as simple and as complicated as that. But time had not been a friend over the years. I always knew meeting him would be really special but I wasn’t sure HOW it would make me feel. I guess I just left it up to destiny.

I learnt through him that not all relations have names and they are all beautiful in their own way. Some become a beautiful reality while others take the shape of a beautiful ache. Sometime,s people come into your life to show what is right or wrong, to show what you can be, to teach you to love yourself. Not everyone is going to stay forever but you can cherish the moments you are gifted. 

I still recall the times I’ve been through,
Confused and I didn’t know what to do,
I almost gave up but you gave me hope,
You’ve made me strong as the days went on,
You made me live again.

So today, on your Birthday, I wish you all the happiness in the world and I want to Thank You for making me live again. Thank you for teaching me the joy and love of giving. Thank you for being my mentor, making me ambitious again and lighting a spark within me. For being my own Google with all the answers. For all the days when I was confused, crazy and clueless you showed me the way. Thank you for being so much more which is hard to pin down in words. Thank you for EVERYTHING. I wish you a beautiful life journey on your favourite car on an endless road.

Life doesn’t guarantee that you will find your soulmate in love. You can find one in friendship too. But some feelings remain eternal. Perhaps one day we will meet again with a different story & maybe we will share a lifetime then. I wish to write a beautiful ending but for now, the story remains unfinished. #BlessedToHaveYou 

Zindagi Gulzar Hai!!

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