We Both Had Boyfriends Before We Fell In Love

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 14 August, 2017

I was just a simple normal girl until I met her. One fine day, I was on my way to my college as it was my last exam of 1st year (M.A Eng). Suddenly I heard a familiar voice which asked, "How are you?" Though we had never talked before and didn't share any contact with each other, yet it didn't take too long for me to recognise her face.

She was my classmate from B.A. There were too many passengers on that compartment and I wasn't able to talk to her well. We shared our contact numbers for the very first time. Then after a few weeks, I got a text from her and I discovered that she is also studying M.A in History from the same university as mine.

This is how we started talking to each other. She shared so many things that were going on in her life.

It felt like we were waiting for each other to meet. One night I received a text from her saying that she was very upset (there was some serious problem going on in her family.)

She told me that she couldn't sleep and she was having sleeping pills. Seeing that text, I felt like I was going to lose something that was very close to my heart. I couldn't afford to lose her. 

I lost my mom when I was 13. Once again on that day, I felt that same scary feeling of losing someone whom I cannot live without. I instantly replied her saying, 'Please don't go. I love you.' Time paused for few hours and I was very scared and wanted to know what was going on in her mind. I was waiting for the morning. But she messaged me at 3 A.M. She replied saying that she loves me too. Since that day, we are in love with each other.

Currently, we are busy in setting up our career so that we can establish ourselves and can spend the rest of our lives together under the same roof. I know there are so many people in this society, just like us. But I would like to say that God has made every human being with a particular purpose in life. Do not judge anyone. Everyone has a heart. Everyone has their personal life and choice. God has given us only one chance to live and he has given us the authority to choose our life partner.

Let me quote a line from Dear Zindagi. "Jab hum apne aap ko achchi tarah samajh lete hai, toh doosre kya samajhte hai, it doesn't matter."

I had a boyfriend before I met her. She also had a boyfriend back then. But it never felt like the right one. There was something always missing. But now there is nothing that feels missing. My puzzle has been solved. I'm happy.