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Two Months Were All It Took To Realize That He Was My Mr.Perfect

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I'm a girl from Mumbai. When I was in my final year of BMS, I received a friend request from a stranger. I went through his profile and discovered that he looked cute and very similar to my favourite actor Arjun Kapoor. So I accepted the request.

After a few minutes, I received a message from Mr. Stranger. We greeted each other and started chatting. Our conversation reached the most favourite question asked by everyone, “Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?”

My instant reply was, "How desperate are you to find a girlfriend?!”

I had recently come out of a bad relationship and was not looking at dating any guy. But even after my harsh words, Mr. Stranger was very humble to me. We ended up chatting the entire day. Soon, we became best buddies.

We never exchanged phone numbers but still felt connected to each other.

One day, I received a love quote but it wasn’t from him. It was from my ex-boyfriend. He was a dumb**s who loved me but succumbed to his parents’ pressure and got married to someone else. Now he has a kid too. Though he had cheated on me, he was shameless to keep messaging me.

I replied because, at the back of my mind, I wanted to know why hadn’t he stood up for our love and for me.

We started talking and it was hard to control our feelings and the immense love we shared. I forgot about everything that had gone wrong. Since it was a long distance relationship, it wasn’t hard for me because we didn’t have to face each other.

I fell head over heels once again and this time, it was like falling into a pit I'd dug for myself.

Yet, I chose to fall, I agreed to run away with him and was just waiting for him to make arrangements for me to settle with him. When I told Mr. Stranger about my plans, he got extremely angry. He started shouting at me and instructed me to meet him immediately.

I agreed to meet him because I needed someone to tell me whether I was doing the right thing.

Fortunately, he managed to convince me that I was wrong. He pulled me back and saved me from making a huge mistake. This made our friendship stronger and we started meeting regularly. Our peer group would tease us and look for love angles in our friendship.

We had fallen hard for each other but neither of us had the guts to accept it.

When my best friend was getting married, both of us were co-incidentally dressed in black. We noticed it and started blushing. After the wedding, we went for a drive where he started dropping hints to express his feelings for me. But I decided to be naughty and refused to recognize any of his hints.

He even played romantic songs on the radio but I ignored everything because I wanted him to openly confess his feelings. I was very excited!

The next day, I hinted that he propose to me and he did, on 7th February! Both of us wanted each other badly. I loved him and trusted him and so did he.

However, I belonged to a conservative joint family, which believed that a love marriage is equal to disaster.

Whereas, I have always believed that a marriage is a connection between two souls and it does not matter whether it is love or arranged.

Two months later, on 7th February, my mom tried to fool me by saying that she was aware of my relationship and would tell dad about it. A shiver ran through my spine leaving me frightened. I called him immediately and said that I wanted to run away with him because my dad would definitely put an end to our relationship.

I didn’t want our love to end on a sad note.

When my mom was asleep, I ran to meet him at his office. I kept weeping as I told him everything that my mom had said to me. He calmed me down and gently explained that he would come to meet my mom and make her understand our love for each other.

I realized that when a guy is ready to commit to you without any greed, he is the only man for you.

But I did not have the courage to face my mom. He had no option but to call his mom and ask her suggestion for the way ahead. I was still sobbing when his mom came to meet us with his masi who is a lawyer. Masi interrogated me to know if I was serious about marrying Chirag.

She explained that if my parents or the police ask me and I deny it, Chirag would be put behind bars.

I was sure about my decision and told her that I didn’t want to lose Chirag. She believed me and agreed to arrange a wedding ceremony in the temple, which is as legal as a court marriage.

It was around 2 p.m. when his dad brought us lunch. But he didn’t even look at me. He had clearly expressed that he didn’t want Chirag to have a love marriage. But when the moment came, he agreed.

Today, he loves me more than a father loves his real daughter.

Going back to that day, at 3 p.m. his mom and masi brought us clothes, a mangalsutra, and sindoor. They had made all the arrangements in the temple and asked us to get ready.

We changed and went to the temple. There, we performed the rituals like tying the mangalsutra and applying sindoor to signify that we were married.

While I was getting married, my parents had no clue and assumed that I was in the college.

In the evening, as per masi’s instructions, we went to the police station. We informed them that we got married without my parents' consent, as we had to ensure that Chirag did not face any charges like rape or kidnapping. By night, my parents and friends realized that I was missing and they started calling Chirag, so he switched off his phone. My parents called all my relatives and cousins to check if they were aware of my whereabouts.

While my parents were stressed about me, I was on a bus to Belgaum, where his mama lived. My brother even sent his friends to Chirag’s house to check if we were there. For the next two days, my parents went to Chirag’s house every morning and night to inquire about me. We reached Belgaum and were trying to get our marriage registered.

But fate had other plans and I got to know that my mom had a fall. I immediately called them and I could hear my mom crying and pleading me to come back. On the 10th day, we came back home. I got to know that my mom had been in the hospital for two days.

That day, my life changed. I could see that my family and my friends hated me.

Amidst a lot of tears, my family decided to arrange our engagement ceremony. I was happy as well as sad. People taunted me that it was a ceremony where everyone was unhappy. My relatives attended the engagement in a sombre mood, as if someone were dead.

My masi and mami went to the extent of telling my parents that they shouldn’t take any efforts for my marriage since I was as good as dead to them.

Thankfully, my brother supported me unconditionally and my cousins ensured that the marriage was a blast. We finished all the preparations from the invitations to the shopping in 10 days.

Though they faced criticism from the society, my parents left no stone unturned in organizing my wedding.

On the night before the wedding, we had a party where I finally felt happy. The next day, the baaraat arrived at the door of the hall but I was delayed due to the makeup.

My mom became worried, as she thought I had probably taken a serious step like suicide because I was sad throughout the wedding preparations. When she saw me, she felt extremely relieved. And finally, I got married to my love.

Till date, my relatives don’t talk to me. But I don’t give a s**t because my parents understand me.

Their love is all that matters to me. Unfortunately, my relatives have broken all ties with them because of me. But a day will come when people will realize their mistake.

Today, I am happily married even though it was against my parents’ will but all’s well that ends well. We are happy together. We fell in love and got married within just two months. It reminds you that love needs no age, no time.

Two months were enough for me to realize that he was my Mr.Perfect.

I love him and am so thankful that he is mine. I am also extremely grateful to my ma and pa for supporting my decision. I know I should’ve shared my feelings with them but the fear of getting into trouble forced me to take such steps. I am glad that they stood by me.

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