True Love Has No Setbacks And My Wedding To My High School Sweetheart Is Your Proof

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 28 February, 2018

Here is my story, which is quite different, because my story doesn’t have a bad end, but neither a good end, because it has not ended yet. It is still going on.

Before narrating my story, I would like to establish one thing – true love does exist.

First things first, I would like to introduce myself. I was born and raised in a small town. I studied in a school in that town for 6 years. I was a shy, innocent boy, who didn’t talk much, neither did I have too many friends. After that, I got admission in a school far away, which is in a big town, and I had to stay in the school hostel as it was a boarding school.

That changed my life. It was my first day in new world, that’s when I heard her name while our teacher called the attendance.

I turned around to see her because her name amused me, and I was curious to see who it was. But she was absent that day. The next day, I saw her and found her cute. I got to know that she had joined the school in the 6th standard during the midterm. I became curious to know more about her.

I came to know that her parents are from different religions. This made me more curious because it was the first time I was hearing such a thing.

Gradually, I tried to speak to her, but I never had any prior experience in talking to any girl, so it didn’t work out well. I belong to a remote area and found it difficult to communicate. Actually, I started developing a crush on her, and I did not realize when it started. I remember that all this happened in the 7th standard. I didn’t have friends in my class, but I had a few in my hostel. In 8th standard, I had completely changed. I got a few good friends and yes, they changed me. I had evolved into a proactive person. I valued them more than anything. I confessed my feelings to her and to my friends. They laughed because she was the topper of the class and they knew she wouldn’t go for such things. But still, they supported me.

And I knew too. How can a girl like her love a person like me, it was laughable!

She was active, the class leader, and she was quite famous. She was way out of my league. A year passed. In 9th standard, I was desperate to tell her about my feelings. I knew it would be a big no but I had to try. I was afraid and nervous, I had made 2 attempts to tell her when I met her alone, but words didn’t seem to come out. Then my friends told her about me and she got angry. I thought of giving up but my friends didn’t allow me to. I decided to avoid her for a while. In 10th standard, we had a class tour. I told her directly that time, but she told me that she was not interested in such things. She said that we can be friends. I was happy then because it was the first time we spoke openly. We started chatting on the phone. At that time WhatsApp and social media were not born. So, we would text each other via SMS. Things continued like that, and we started getting to know each other more.

I came to know that she is not only a studious type of girl, but she also had a gentle heart, and she was very kind. And that’s the time when I actually fell for her. More like, we both fell in love with each other.

One day, she finally told me about her feelings, and that is still the best day of my life. Since then, we are in a relationship. It has been 7 years. A few days after she told me that she loves me, my parents came to know about this and they were furious. But throughout it all, she was there to support me, and she is a strong person.

I have gone through hard times. But it was not my parents who gave me support, it was her who became my pillar and she never let me fall. If I did not have her by my side, I don’t know where I would be now.

I still wonder what quality of mine made her fall in love with me. But I would say that she is the best thing to have happened in my life. It’s all about the love, care and mainly respect we give each other. Now I’m 23, still in a relationship with her.

My parents and her parents know about us and they are quite supportive too. Soon after our graduation, we would get married to start a new chapter of our life.
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