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To The Wife Of The Teacher I Thought I Loved: I'm Sorry

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I knew I was wrong and I didn't step back, I was a college going girl. A girl with no maturity or family love. I wasn't the favourite child to my parents.

My life became better when I started chatting with my high school teacher. He seemed to understand and comfort me. And slowly, I started to get attracted towards him. We used to meet every time he was in the city. Talking to him became my addiction, which was more dangerous than drugs.

Slowly, there came a day when he started reciprocating my feelings. And then one day, we kissed. It wasn't a french kiss, just a kiss on my cheek yet it meant a lot to me. Soon after, one day he announced that he was engaged. He got engaged to a girl his parents chose for him. He was very happy with her and he suddenly stopped caring for me.

I realised quickly that when he had kissed me, he knew his marriage was finalised with someone else. I slowly decided that I will forget everything as it was my mistake and would move on from that phase. But a month later, he again called me and started speaking to me very nicely. He said I was a blessing in his life. And so I lost control over my emotions and kept talking to him. I knew he was engaged.

I even attended his marriage and was happy to see him happy though my heart was completely shattered. After his marriage, he stopped talking to me and I too got busy in my studies. However, after three months, he again started his sugar coated talks and there we started our affair.

An affair over the phone? We did everything you can imagine under the sun over the phone and even said "I Love You" to each other. We then decided to meet at my house when I was alone. That day, we didn't get intimate but we surely made out a lot.

After he left for his home, I suddenly realised in search of true love and happiness, I was committing a sin. I was making a man ditch his wife. I was having an affair with a married man.

And I can never get the first place in his life. I realised, my parents never gave me the importance I deserved and so, I started searching for it outside. But then, I entered a trap where I am the OTHER WOMAN? IS IT WORTH IT? DO I REALLY DESERVE IT?

I don't blame that guy at all. Even if we both committed the sin, I don't blame him. I blame myself for committing the sin.

To the wife of the man I thought I loved,

I don't know if you both were happy together or not. I don't know if you'll ever get to know about us or not. But I am sorry. I sincerely apologize from my heart. I should not have committed such mistakes. If life gives me a second chance to go back to the time and correct my mistake, I will choose not to text him ever again, I am sorry! 

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