This Match From A Matrimonial Site Was Playing With Me And I Was A Fool To Believe Him

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 3 October, 2018

I was once a bubbly young girl who knew very little about things like love, cheating and heart-broken feelings. In 2015 July, I met a guy (let’s call him Raj) through a matrimonial site. My parents were good decision makers and I guess I just trusted them. I spoke to this guy over WhatsApp and phone then he asked his parents to come down to my place to pay a visit.

As per the norms of society, which says that the groom's family comes to the bride's family to see if the girl is suitable for their precious son. So it followed.

I was super nervous and excited, as I was already head over heels in love with Raj. But I was rejected due to my squint. Raj assured me that he would fight for me and make me his love and life partner. I was so lame at that time, like a daydreamer and an idiot, to become impressed by his words and his promises. For him, the relationship stopped that day itself. And I just became a mere toy and obsession for him. I continued my loyalty towards him and cherished each moment. I thought this is the life that I always wanted - a loving, caring boyfriend who is fighting for me and my bubbly lovey-dovey heart.

Little did I know then what awaits me in the future. I would have surely called it off if I did.

In 2016, Rahul, another person came into my life and proposed me. I asked him to be my friend only, as I was already in love. He said he would wait for me. And he actually did. Days with Raj and friendship with Rahul, all was perfect. What more could a girl want?

Then, in middle of 2016, I found out that all along Raj cheated on me with 4 girls. We contacted each other and confronted Raj.

It was one terrible night. I shudder now to recall it. I was trembling with fear, disgust and hate. The person for whom I left my job, for whom I fought, whom I was crazy for, could cheat me like that! He accused every girl and said they were trying to bring a bad name on him and that he's innocent. He proved it to me or rather, I should say that he fooled me. I gave him a chance again. I gave him my heart to break once more. And it happened once again. Again this year, around June, I found him cheating on me and worst was that this time it was with my cousin. But now I'm happy. Why? The person whom I ignored all this time, stood by me. Rahul actually took care of me and is still with me. Very soon, I'm going to get engaged to him.

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