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They Were Supposed To Be My "Best Friends" But They Treated Me Like Their Worst Enemy

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I think all boys are the same. They are programmed to screw you over and over again. They will then leave you with a smirk.

But some people come into your life and leave permanent footprints all over your heart. They will show you how much love you deserve. It is at such times that I wonder if we should learn from our mistakes or learn to make mistakes.

Ours was a beautiful summer romance which took an unexpected turn. I liked a boy and he liked me too. He asked me out and I said, “Yes.”

But my friends did not like him at all. They asked me to stay away from him.

But being the stubborn person that I am – I talked to him anyway. When my friends found out that I was talking to him they made me swear that I would NEVER see him again.

They literally made me swear this to them.

I didn’t understand why they were asking me to do this at that time. Even today I am clueless about why they don’t want me to talk to him.

I mean – I have the choice of choosing my own partner. And they have the choice of liking him or not liking him.
One fine day they gave me an ultimatum.

They asked me to choose between my boyfriend and them. I didn’t tell them anything but I started dating him secretly. I would meet him near the staircase and steal secret glances at him during the rest of the day. I told everyone that I was just going to the washroom, when in reality; I was planning to meet him somewhere in the corridors.

My friends and I had a billion fights over this and one fine day I chose him over all my best friends. I knew that even when I had no one, I would have him.

We had created so many memories for ourselves. They were all happy ones and they still make me giggle. We laughed, we loved, we kissed and we shared everything with each other.

As for my friends – they dumped me.

The entire experience was as painful as a breakup.  They stabbed me and then twisted the knife into my heart. They told everyone how much of a ‘slut’ I was and how I should just die because I had given my heart to every boy that I had laid my eyes on. It did not stop there.

MY BEST FRIEND wrote that I was a "slut" and my friend was a "prick" on the walls of our school washroom.

I finally decided to give up on our decade-long friendship and be with my boyfriend instead. I know I did a mean thing and my karma caught up with me soon enough. I now had no one to talk to. Earlier I was always surrounded by friends.

I did have him as a partner but how much time could he spend with his clingy girlfriend?

He chose to stick with me anyway. He spent lesser time with his own friends. He was and still is the only best friend that I have ever had. He is a very good listener and always supports me. I made another friend a while later and the three of us crack the funniest jokes together.

He makes me smile. I was finally in love after such a long time and it was an amazing feeling.

Our hands felt so amazing when we clasped them. It was like biting into a delicious cupcake. I knew we belonged together. I felt so good that I wondered if all this was a dream. Sometimes I really felt that all this was too good to be true.

I did have my fair share of insecurities too.

I knew he never lied or cheated yet I was constantly plagued by the feeling that I would be left all alone if we broke up.

I know I am not all that pretty. I am not very beautiful. In fact, I am not even remotely cute. But when such thoughts plague me I give myself a piece of advice and say, "Don't over think. Your thoughts will suffocate you."

And the next thing I know is that I am getting beautiful gifts from him and they make me feel gorgeous. His words melt my heart. I don’t know what the future holds for us but I do know that I will never forget him, his smile, his dimples, his eyes and the way he says my name. I love the look of confusion on his face.

He means the world to me.
I do miss my friends at times but I am not angry with them. I don’t hate them. Heck, I’d give anything to make things normal again. But I’ll never forget what they did to me.

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