The Woman I Married Turned My Life Into Hell And All I Could Do Was Watch Helplessly

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 4 June, 2018

Like all other guys, I too was happy because I was going to get married. My father had gone to attend a relatives’ marriage.

He had seen this girl there and he felt she was the right person for me. He was happy to have found such a good proposal for me.

He told me that the girl belonged to a good family and asked me to go and meet her. I too was excited about the whole thing. I wanted to start my life with a new perspective. I got in touch with her and we decided to meet in the best coffee shop in Connaught Place.


When I met her I realized that she was a girl with ordinary looks. But she could express herself very well verbally.

She believed that all of us should live our lives the way we wanted to. I too believed in the same thing.

After we parted ways I called up my father and said, “Yes papa. She is the girl I want to get married to.” I was really excited when our families agreed to get us married. We decided to get engaged on an auspicious day. Unfortunately, my father fell sick on the day of our engagement.

The girl’s family was keen on hosting a big party for the engagement. They also wanted to celebrate our wedding with a lot of pomp and show. But my father said he did not believe in such things and he just wanted the marriage to be conducted in a simple manner.

My family and I went to Delhi for the engagement. But the girl’s family did a lot of badtameezee with my family. I was shocked by their behaviour. Even today I don’t know why I tolerated all this. My family was not allowed to sit along with the other family members when dinner was being served. But my family members and I just decided to keep quiet.

We felt that as long as the girl was OK and was ready to live her entire life with me we should ignore such trivial things.

On the day of the wedding, she called me up and said, "I am going to call the police." I said, "Why?" She said that my father had taken a loan from them.

She then said that if we did not pay them the money now they would file a complaint against us and tell the police that we were demanding dowry from them. My family was shocked. I had talked and roamed around with this girl for the past 3 months. Now I wondered if she was the same girl…

We had no option. We gave her family 5 lakhs and I got married to her. Yes – she did come to my house after we got married. She then opened her suitcase in front of all my relatives and took out a bottle of Bagpiper whisky. She then poured out two glasses of it and asked my niece to call me.

She said she was going to celebrate her suhagraat now.

Yes, I went to her when she called me because I did not want my family members to suffer anymore.

By now I knew that if I did not do what she wanted me to do - she would threaten me by saying that she would call the police immediately.

The next day she said she wanted sleeping pills. She said she had not slept comfortably because it was a new place. Again she said the same thing – if I did not get her the pills she would go the police.

I was getting frightened of her now. I just did not know how to deal with her.

My parents then suggested that we go to Delhi and spend some time together. I decided to follow their advice. I drove the car for 900 km and took her to Delhi.

I thought I too had to make my fair share of compromises for the girl I had married. I realized that girls too had to compromise a lot when they get married. They leave their family and give up on so many things for the person they are getting married to. So I felt I needed to reciprocate this.

We decided to make a new beginning in our lives in Delhi. But now I was not allowed to call my family. I was not allowed to meet my friends. I was not allowed to speak too. I just had to do what she wanted me to do because I did not want to go in for a divorce. She would drink every day. She would demand that I take her to clubs every day. Sometimes I would be delayed at work and would come home late. But she would annoy me by refusing to open the door of our house.

I would have to sit outside my own house for long hours and wait till she opened the door.

Despite being a guy I made several compromises for the sake of the relationship. I started thinking that I was jinxed. I had 6 other sisters who were yet to be married but she simply did not do anything for our relationship.

One fine day she said that her 4th boyfriend had been better in bed than I was. I knew I had to take some action on that day. Things went from bad to worse. She started abusing my family. She started hurling utensils at me. I decided not to lose my composure over her.

All my problems ended suddenly when she called her brother and left my house with him.
That was the best day of my life. I was so glad to get rid of her. Yes, I am happy. Maybe I was a coward but I was happy that she was leaving me.

I know I have to take care of my 6 sisters and my parents too now. But I was glad that I could get back with the people I loved now. I loved my friends and had missed not meeting them.

I know she ruined my life but I will always wish her a great life ahead.

My father is no more and they have filed several cases against me. Despite all the trouble that I am facing now I am happy that I no longer have to live with her. Yes. I am a guy. Yes, the woman I married turned my life into hell. Yes, I am a guy and I still respect women.

Editor's Note:

We all yearn to live our lives fully and freely. We want to have total control over our own lives and believe in total freedom. But are we willing to shoulder the responsibilities that are associated with our freedom? Do we know we have to make quite a few compromises in our lives in order to enjoy the beauty of our relationships? Let's share this story because often we really don't know how to deal with people who refuse to grow up.