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The Stranger Who Is Becoming Me Husband Changed My Perspective About Marriage

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"Papa please go ahead, I am fine with him and the rest you decide,” I said while disconnecting the call to my dad with tears in my eyes. I was growing older and as usual, more than my parents, the society and so-called relatives were worried about my age.

Initially I was very adamant of not getting married at all but off late, I had started feeling the need of a partner.

On the other hand, my parents had a strong feeling that I had someone in my life already as I was saying no to everyone they had asked me to speak with.

And then it so happens that no one will ever believe my story in the era of Social Media.

We initially exchanged a few texts and then gave it a break. I find it very normal to chat, to know more about each other likes and dislikes. After two days, my dad called me asking for a go ahead or not and to give him a final answer. I intentionally wanted to say no as nothing had excited me enough but I told him that I will talk to him over a call as he is in the US hence we couldn't catch up and let him know. He called me and within the first 60 seconds, I felt as if I was in love and if I could be with anyone for all my life then it could be only him and no one else. Having known myself, I was utterly surprised and was unable to understand what had happened to me.

It neither was a video call nor a face to face meeting, I had fallen for him just over a call. But yes, it was real.

I was in love with the way he thinks, respects elders, prioritises his partner before anything else, his confidence of showering love life-long, he was expecting no change himself as per my likes/dislikes/habits after marriage, what a kind heart and simple person he is. After a week, I met his family and meeting them really made me feel that it was the right decision. I was so comfortable with them from the very first moment we met. We talk every day now and I feel like I have known him forever.

We are engaged to get married next year.

Now I believe that there is always someone for you and he will walk in your life when you are least expecting him to. His presence will make your life more beautiful and worth living. He has completely changed my point of view about a marriage. Marriage is truly a lovely and beautiful bond if you find your soulmate like I found mine.

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