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The Man I Love Asked For My Hand In Marriage But I Said No For My Parents: Now I'm Waiting

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Every girl dreams of her man or how her Mr. perfect should be. Any person born in this world wishes and wants to be loved by someone or the other, be it the love of her parents, siblings, or better half or just her children.

Though born in a conservative family, I was given all the freedom, and was brought up as an independent girl. Also being the only child, I was also always showered with bundles of love, more than what anyone could ask for.

How much ever parental love we get, at one point or other in our life we wish for the love of another man — either our lover or husband and in a few lucky cases both end up to be the same.

Aardhik (name changed), he was the guy who entered my life to fill that void or shower all the love of another man upon me. Though we both were family friends and used to see each other more often than not, we hardly spoke or had made any conversations. Until one fine day, when he messaged asking me about the condition of my scooter, which he had taken for a ride. From a casual conversation it went to exchanging good morning messages to daily updates on each other's lives.

Everything seemed to be fine until that day, the day he proposed me. Yes he knew me well enough, he knew that I had feelings for him but I had never displayed it or expressed it to him.

No beautiful long messages or going down on the knees or romantic set ups, it was just a few lines of message that expressed all the love he had for me. Like any other girl, I too wished to accept his proposal and be his angel and sweetie. But then life does not always go according to our whims and fancies.

My parents don’t approve of any inter-caste marriage and I can't do anything that would break my parents' trust in me, hence, I had to turn down his proposal with a heavy heart and also with the fear of loosing him as my best friend or the most important person in my life. But as his love for me was unconditional, he accepted my decision and also respected my parents' points of views.

Love again knocked at his door and this time it was a girl who accepted him for him. A girl who would live for him and with him but he was hesitant to accept his fate. Finally he gave in and now he is a man with all the love in the world and with the best girl.

And here I sit writing my story still with a heart full of feelings for him and waiting for love to knock on my door again.

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