That's When I Realized That Love Had Happened

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 22 August, 2017

He walked into my life, on a random day, in an unusual way.

Official texts changed to casual pings, which soon became long late night chats. I didn't even realize when the chats were replaced by calls and then by video calls, making this bond stronger, bit-by-bit.

He was always present around me during my working hours, seldom unnoticed.

But now that same presence felt different; something special, something that I felt deep inside me.

I was able to see those changes in myself… and in him too. I’d always heard people saying that things happen for a reason; people come in and go out of your life for a purpose. But the feelings that were growing within me kept aside all the known pros and cons, situations and conditions, present and future, and yes, even the past.

I welcomed him into my life wholeheartedly, embraced him with my arms wide open.

Our meetings became frequent, more intimate with conversations becoming personal. Soon the names changed to nicknames. That is how it all started, that feeling called love.

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