That Night I Went to Meet The Girl Who Loved Me Even Though I Did Nothing To Earn It

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 30 April, 2018

In the year 2007 in May, I had just passed my +2 examinations and had to go to college for collecting my certificate. My college was in a remote area of district Buxar, and connectivity wasn't good there. During the journey from Buxar to college, a girl was sitting beside me on the bus and she was just staring out the window without blinking her eyes. When I got down from the bus and asked a shop owner for the alternate path to college because the main road had gotten flooded and muddy due to heavy rain.

She asked me if I have to go to college and asked me to join her as she was going there too. After a little conversation with her, like where she is from, what she does and so on, she told me that she is pursuing BCom from a college in Patna and her village is just 5 km from the college from where both of us completed +2. I completed mine in science and she completed in commerce.

We exchanged our mobile numbers and said goodbye to each other but no promises to meet again were made.

I went back to Patna, started preparing for IIT JEE examinations and forgot all about her. Five months later, one night she called me and asked me how I was. I told her that I was fine and asked if she was doing well. She told me that she had taken admission in a nearby college due to health problems. I consoled her and said that everything will be fine. We start talking occasionally but I never met her. In July 2008, she proposed me one night saying that she loves me and cannot imagine herself without me. I became totally blank at this. I always thought that we are only friends. Once I did think about taking it further but then I told myself that it was not possible.

I belong to a lower class family and I really never considered having a girl in my life, I was occupied only with my studies, family and how to get good job after completion of BTech.

The idea of love did not bother me much. From July 2008 to May 2009, she tried all means to convince me, although, in the past year, I never met her even once. One night, she called me and told me that her marriage was fixed and she wanted to meet me one last time. That time I was in my village, hardly 50 km away from her village. I asked her where she wants to meet, and she told me to come to the same place where we met for the first time. I prepared myself and went to meet her. She was looking gorgeous.

I asked her how she was. Without saying anything, she hugged me and told me to take her somewhere. Surprisingly, I asked where and to be honest, I also feared something unforeseen. But she told me that she loves me so I should not worry as she won't harm me.
My life hasn't been the same since then and I wish to share all the ups and downs I've gone through. But for now, I need to take a deep breath. I hope to share the rest of my story with you soon.
Editor's Note:

Share this story because as unfair as it is, everyone still goes through this.