Teachers Have The Real Wealth No Matter How Difficult It Gets For Them

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 1 April, 2018

Teachers are the architects of any developing nation. It makes me feel on top of the world whenever I am reminded of the quote, "Teaching is the profession which creates all other professions". But, I fail miserably to understand the fact that very few of us are into this profession by choice, and most of us are into this profession by chance.

Over the past three years, I have hardly met one or two students who take pride in acknowledging the existence of this profession.

When a child is born, parents start seeing their child wearing a Doctor's coat or an Engineer's gear. Even my parents had the same vision for me so as my fellow teachers' parents. Even when we counsel our students, we introduce them to the path of being a doctor or an engineer. We as parents or teachers do not want our children or students to be future teachers. My conscious is always bombarded with several questions. Why aren't we encouraging them to become a teacher? And then, without consulting any book or expert, I get the answer and have to keep quiet about it. How can we encourage our children to pursue this prestigious profession when we know that the world belongs to millionaires? Be it public sector or private sector, we all know the poor financial conditions of teachers, the salary they are paid, and the exploitation they face every day.


Public Sector teachers are not paid on time, and Private Sector teachers are not paid enough. Another important issue which I came across was that usually, we come into this profession unwillingly when we are not able to cross the standards of modern day career criteria. Because we had no other option, we were left to try our skills in teaching. We join enthusiastically, but our motivation level drops with each passing day due to one or the other reason. So our talents are shackled by authorities' exploitation and we keep ourselves confined to the works which are only allotted to us and we don't bother to take any extra pain. I was surfing the internet when I found a summary of an interesting seminar which was held in the West, I don't remember the exact country, though I think it was France. That seminar aimed to discuss the problems which were faced by teachers globally. As the discussion was going on, and teachers came up with common issues which were being faced - Less salary, no respect, exploitation by management, job security, payment delay and so on, an old teacher was quietly listening to the arguments, when his turn of putting his views across came, he expressed himself very calmly.

He said, "What do we want? Haven't we got the most priceless resources of the nation? They are far better than any of the wealth in this world. Shape them into our wealth and the wealth of the nation and surely, we will be the richest people on the earth. Tell me who has a better and more respectful standing, a millionaire or us?"

I didn't read the full content of the summary of the seminar but I was already motivated and pumped to put all my heart into teaching and shaping the priceless resources into assets of the nation. This is why I am writing here to share my new-found zest with fellow teachers. Finally, I came to the conclusion that today if we are not sincere and hardworking in our teaching methods, then I am sorry to say that we are robbing their future, and we are equal parts of any other robbery happening in this world.

Remember, we may not be a convict in the eyes of worldly jurisdiction, but we will be convicted in the jurisdiction of the almighty. So, let's restart on a positive note and be honest to our tasks, if some of us have already started then carry on the positive momentum and there is no looking back.
Author's Note:

I, being a teacher, myself observed these points. These are my personal views and readers have the right to have different opinions.

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