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Sometimes, Going Out Of Your Comfort Zone Only Gives You More Disappointment

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This is the story of a person who used to be very shy and under-confident – a person who struggled a lot during his childhood while talking to any stranger and who hardly spoke to any girl. But, as life went forward, the time came for his college life and he committed himself to becoming a confident guy and even promised himself that he will take part in every possible event in college. As the journey began, he was first expecting some action in college as it was a government college but there was not much happening. At the time of his freshers' party, he tried to come out his comfort zone and give his best shot when his turn of introduction came. He got applauded and was even thinking to become Mr. Fresher but it didn't happen and he got some other title but, still this person didn't lose hope and kept that spirit with him throughout college.

As the days passed, he tried to give his best shot in every event but failed to impress anyone.

Despite this, he got appreciated but never got something that met his expectations. He was a person who would just be studious and didn't even say hi to any girl, and now he was even ready to participate in a fashion show. As he was short and inexperienced in it, again he failed. But his energy didn't stop even there. He tried everything possible to make himself a different person. In order to get somewhere, he decided to host a fresher's party for upcoming juniors. He was nervous and was shivering inside while hosting but he gave his best shot and some friends appreciated his part. But still he didn't get the kind of response and appreciation that he was expecting and not a single girl praised him.

He was further struggling with his studies and decided to get back on track and finally left this kind of fruitless participation.

As he thought about his career and decided to be more focused, he kept that virtual confidence in himself alive. People still thought of him as a confident guy but that was far from reality. He still shivers to give any speech in front of an audience but with his virtual confidence, he managed to make it possible.

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