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She's Not Here Anymore But I'm Not Done Loving Her Yet

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Memories are what keep us alive. A person may leave but memories do their job. It was a great thing that after a friendship, we were in a relationship. It was the best thing to happen to both of us. And then we never looked back. Everything was fine and smooth. And then I decided to quit my job even though she told me not to did this. But I wanted to give her a secure life so I left my job and went to another state to prepare for a more secure job. She was always on my mind and though I wanted to talk to her daily, sometimes I could not manage the time to talk her.

My love for her though, had not changed at all.

During that time, she made a mistake and left me herself, without informing me of the reason. We even spoke on the phone, but she did not tell me a single thing. I loved her unconditionally, she should have. And then when I went to meet her, she confessed everything. I was shocked, how she could do all this to me? I had believed her more than I believed myself. She broke me with all her words, but she never said sorry from the bottom of her heart. She broke my heart into a thousand pieces. I forgave her because I know that people make mistakes. The only reason why I stayed and did not want to give up was my love for her, but her words broke me completely. The most important thing is that I still love her, but I do not want to tell her. I cannot love someone else and I don’t want to be anyone else’s love. Her dreams have now become my dreams. And now I am planning to work on fulfilling these dreams. This will help me love her forever.

Maybe I am different from the rest, I do not see people in my life as part of a game. If I love someone, then it is until my last breath. Maybe the way I love is just unconditional.

I can live alone with our memories which always make me smile and give me a reason to stay up in life. People leave but memories give us a reason to keep going. Yes, sometimes love hurts the most but it is the most beautiful aspect of life too. Yes, I still love her and I will always love her, whatever the situation is. And from my side at least, I shall never ever give up.

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