She Would Unblock Me Only During The Day Because She Was Hiding This From Me

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 12 December, 2017

This story is dedicated to everyone who was tricked into loving someone without knowing their real intentions.

I'm just a regular guy who didn't think twice before falling in love with someone. I'm a Hindu Brahmin, but she was a Christian. My parents agreed anyway.

She didn't expect my parents to react the way they did. The only thing they asked me is if I would be happy with her, and I said yes. For the sake of my happiness, they agreed and decided to meet her parents.

So much sh*t has gone down since then that I don't know what to say to her now, except 'Thank you'. I've grown stronger now. Even after discovering the truth and witnessing it myself, I remained a gentleman and waited for another 11 months for her sake. In the end, I had not even imagined that she would end our 4-year-long relationship for another guy.

It was unfortunate that I lost my job, but the minute I did, she said, "I don't have feelings for you anymore," and left me. I tried my best to keep the relationship alive, and even went back to Bangalore when times were tough. But then again, maybe God wanted me to see the truth.

She had blocked my number. She would unblock me in the morning and block me again in the evening so that only she had control of how we could communicate. I had no idea what she was doing and why she was doing it until I read through her Skype chat one day. That's when reality hit me and I lost all faith in love.

In the four years that we were together, I never asked her about her friends or what she did with them. I wasn't angry when she stayed over at a male friend's place because he had a better apartment near her office and also had a bike. But when I confronted her with that chat conversation, her first reaction was not being ashamed. But she wanted to know how I had access to her Skype.

That day, she managed to convince me that she was talking to a woman, not a man. And I gave her the benefit of doubt. She cried when she met me, but I had no idea if guilt was triggering it.

The next day again, she blocked my number. That was the first time I was admitted to a hospital because I drank excessively and my blood pressure was really low. I was lying in that hospital just before my 26th birthday. She didn't even come to see me. Instead, she was roaming about with the guy I had caught her with.

Suddenly, he called me up and abused me. I was really at a loss for logic. Who was he and why was he abusing me, her boyfriend? I asked her and she couldn't even commit to giving me an answer. I was strong until then, but that one moment of silence from her made me lose all hope and feelings for her.

She went to her hometown after that and promised to meet me once she was back. Like a fool, I was texting her and asking her to take care of herself. While in fact, she came back earlier than she had said she would and blocked me on WhatsApp again because she took the extra days to spend time with that guy.

This time, I had to see it for myself. Despite having the flu, I drove 45 kilometres to his place to see them. I was desperately praying that I shouldn't see her, but at 10.45 in the morning, she came out of his apartment and the two of them went away on your bike.

With tears in my eyes, I followed them for a while. But good sense dawned on me and I realized that she wasn't worth all that trouble.

I lost my job in Bangalore because of her. But I suppose it was good in a way because when I left Bangalore, I got a better job and I'm very well off.

I never faked my feelings for her, and I never gave anyone as much space in my life like I had given her. Everybody knew that I was a loyal guy. I changed my city and my phone number, but I can't seem to change my fate.

I had to come this far only because I had to live out all the pain in my heart. I had to beg her and cry, I sent her thousands of emails and pictures of us, I had to confront all the places where we made our special memories, I had to sit outside her PG for 5 hours just to get a glimpse of her.

I should thank her for making me realize that it wasn't worth it. I can't trust anyone now. Sooner or later, she's going to realize that Karma is a b***h.

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Share this story if you wish that people were capable of being more straightforward with each other. This heartbreak was completely unnecessary.