She Was There For Me During My Hard Times But I Wasn’t. I’ll Regret It My Whole Life.

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That day, I had just enrolled myself in a college I didn't want because I couldn't afford to pay for B.Tech. Feeling down and gloomy, I opened Facebook and saw a familiar name online.

So I opened her profile and kept looking around till I found the courage to text her.

Finally, I sent her a Hi and she replied right back. Maybe it was the magic of the date 1-7-13 or just luck but we got to talking and soon, we were sharing our deepest darkest secrets with each other. She was just so sweet and made me feel so comfortable that we were constantly glued to the phone and computer screens. We just couldn't be away from each other.

And just after 15 days of talking to each other, I knew she was the one.

I just knew if I ever wanted anyone, it had to be her. So I proposed her just after the 17 days of conversation. I was scared but I just couldn't wait. I asked her if she would be my girlfriend and to my joy, she said, “Pehle kyu ni bola idiot.” Those were the happiest times of my life. But then, her college started and she went to a different city. We saw each other just around 15-20 times a year but whenever we did, we lived every moment.

We had our ups and downs but we made it work.

Then our college ended, and she started preparing for her masters and took a one year break. That year when she came back, I was out working and moved to a different city. That created a lot of problems because she needed me and I couldn't be there for her. That had a bad impact on her studies. We drifted apart, missed celebrating important dates.

I was just so focused to establish my career that I took her for granted.

She couldn't get a good grade in her exams and that led to more fights and troubles. I tried to mend it by giving her more time but it was too late. She had joined a college 1800 kilometres away from me. She blocked me from everywhere and didn’t want anything to do with me. She was the best thing to ever happen to me, to drag me out of the really dark times of my life and I let her go.

I want to apologize to her but I don't know if she will listen.

Guys never let your love go no matter what. Because the day you will realise her importance, it will be too late. I die every day just to hear her voice. Just to see her sweet innocent face once and to tell her I am sorry and I will do anything to make us work. I can't live without her. I need her.

Please come back, my Rollu Pollu.


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