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She Was The Love Of My Life And I Was Her Last Option

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I have been born and bought up in a middle-class family.

Since high school, I wanted to have a girlfriend but had no guts to talk to a girl, maybe because of the environment that I was brought up in. So, time went by and there was no girl in my life until I began working.

One of my colleagues introduced me to an online dating app. Hearing his story of finding the love of his life, a spark lit in me and I was excited to find one for myself. After a wait of almost 4 months, I could get a few girls to like me back and we started chatting. I found a few others who are still my friends. But among them all, I found one person whom I used to spend time long hours chatting. Initially, it was hard to keep the conversations going with ease, but with time it all became natural.

With time, I grew feelings for her. One day, I shared my feelings with her and she reciprocated. My happiness knew no bounds that day.

She was from Dehradun and I was from Chandigarh. So I went to her place to meet her for the first time and I could not believe my eyes when I saw her for the first time. She was so beautiful and I couldn't get my eyes off her. Our meetings were few but we used to chat and Skype a lot. I used to trust her with my eyes closed.

She used to send her pics with her friends who used to be only boys. Eventually, we even became intimate and I lost my virginity to her one day. She asked me if would I marry her and I said yes because I loved her more than myself and my family.

Immediately, I spoke to my family about her. Obviously, they were little reluctant but never said no. Our relationship continued for around 6 months. Then, she started behaving differently. The frequency of her messages reduced, the duration of the phone calls came down. It seemed like I was the only one talking and she doesn't even have anything to share about. Intimacy was far away from books. I used to ask her to meet me and after prolonged hours of request, she used to agree to meet.

And then one day out of nowhere she dumped me stating that "we are over".

I cried and cried for days, like a baby who is hungry for love but has none to feed him. During that time, my mom became my support system.

She never gave me a reason for our breakup and I was in search of it all these days. Then one day, I came into contact with one of her best friends and to my surprise, she never knew about me.

She told me that my ex was in a relationship with one of her friends at the exact time when I was in a relationship with her and now, there was a new person in her life. I contacted that old ex of my ex and he confirmed the news and seemed as broken as me. Then I came to know about one more person who was in a relationship with her at the exact time we two were in a relationship with her. My nights became hell. I couldn't sleep thinking what kind of girl I was in love with and could bear when a thought used to strike that she shares the same intimacy with others as well.

Then came this new person, to whom her marriage was going to be fixed with.

I somehow managed to contact her. I confronted her and she never denied all of this. When I asked her why she did all this, why she left even when I gave her all my heart, why she left even when I was ready to marry her despite our relationship of a small duration. She said only one thing, that I don’t earn much and that money matters for her.

The new guy was earning very handsomely and they were getting married soon.

She was definitely a woman with diverse choices of men. She chose a better prop to enjoy her life but ruined others.

She ruined me so much that I am unable to trust anyone till this date.

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