She Kept Her Real Identity Hidden From Me For A Long Time And Didn’t Tell Me Until It Was Too Late

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I am in a relationship with a girl for 10 months now. I love her unconditionally and she too loves me a lot.

We were so happy together. We use to meet frequently – go for lunch and dinner and used to roam around without any reason just to be together with each other. It was really a good feeling. Something hard to explain but everything felt right then. She had a good family background and earned well in her job. There were no financial issues. 

A week ago, I came to know that she was a part-time call girl.

She didn’t work for any agency but had her own clients. Let me be clear that I have no problems with call girls but the problem here was that there was absolutely no need for her to do so because this wasn’t her profession. I believed that if she was doing this, there must be some reason. So I tried to ask her why and she requested for some time before she could end it. And said that she would let me know the reason too when all this was over. Having no other choice, I agreed.

After knowing all this, I was still in a relationship with her. And I would continue to be because I want to marry her.

I didn’t have any issues with her past but the pain was unbearable. She said that there was no reason in particular for doing this which hurt me even more. She wasn’t addicted nor was she doing it for money. And in fact, no one was trying to pressurize her too. So why would she want to sleep with different men? 

Since the time I came to know about this, I didn’t even go to my job. I told her to let me know if she got any calls for going somewhere, I would take her and support her. I would wait for her somewhere outside for an hour or two until the time she got back from her work. In fact, I did it yesterday. 

I went with her to one of her friend’s client. She came back in an hour and we hugged each other.

If you are wondering, yes, I am again going to do it tomorrow. I will take any kind of pain just to get my girl out of this thing. Because I love her unconditionally and nothing can change that. Not even this.

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