She And I Fell For The Same Guy And I Have To Let Her Take Him

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 8 October, 2017

I am a 16-year-old student preparing for medical entrance. I'm confident, full of life and intelligence. Everyone around tells me that I am very practical and lack emotions.

I have a huge friend circle. Riya and Arjun were my best friends. Before I start with my story I should tell you about my bond with both of them.

Riya was my good friend. When I was in 8th standard, I dated her brother. Riya was the reason for our breakup. We hated each other till we ended up going on a school trip together. We became best of friends after that.

Arjun was the kind of boy I would never talk to. One day the three of us were sitting and suddenly Arjun held our hands. Mine and Riya’s. Both.

That touch I can never forget. That touch that made my soul shiver.

We had that spark. We had that attraction. But soon, the tables turned. I scored really low in my exams whereas Arjun and Riya topped. I was happy but felt dejected. So, I started focusing on studies and kept my distance from Arjun. That was a big mistake.

As the distance between Arjun and me increased, Riya and Arjun got closer. I don’t know why I trusted this boy when I knew it would break my heart from the very beginning. He used to tell the same things to Riya.

When I saw Riya happy, I took a step back. I wish the story ended here. However, soon we had our annual day and Arjun and I happened to be on the same team. We were back; the sparks and the attraction.

But as school teaches us, everything that glitters is not gold. The spark died. I decided to let go of Arjun as Riya was really happy with him. School for over and Arjun and I went to the same college.

One day, Riya called me and told me how she felt about Arjun and I had tears in my eyes because I felt the same way. It was a love triangle. Every single day I think of telling him about my feelings but fail. I feel like I am going through a breakup without even being in a relationship. I even lost two of my closest friends.

Editor's Note:

Share this story because this situation is almost a rite of passage, and let young lovers know that it only gets better.