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Our Love Is Unconventional, But That's Why It's Special

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Soulmates don’t always come in the shape of love, sometimes, you can find this person in a friend too. And that’s what makes the bond between two friends even more special.

I’ve been counting the number of years that we know each other; it’s been five years since the first day we met. You were my senior and almost every junior was a little scared of you, but you seemed to find something interesting in me and that’s why you came over to meet me when I was sitting with my friends. We quickly became the hottest gossip in college; you were the most handsome guy there.

Every single day, you’d come to my class and talk to me. And then there were those bus journeys, where you always kept a seat reserved for me. This special friendship of ours, news began spreading like wildfire and my friends got jealous. I wasn’t sure how to handle this, but thankfully, I had you. And you always found a way to keep my head in the right place and cut off the nasty news before it reached me.

My best friend always acted as a bridge between you and me. She appreciated you and always had great things to say about you.

Very soon, our time in college turned into late night Facebook conversations, since, at that time, I didn’t want to give you my phone number. At that time, my best friend kept talking to you, and I know that she only said great things about me in our conversations. It was only because of her that I agreed to give you my number.

All of this was a fairytale, you used to come and take rounds around my colony, and I would stand on my balcony, for absolutely no reason, just to see you. This makes me laugh now, about how silly we both were. But looking back, it was lovely.

You were an open book, and every page of yours, I read with intimate joy. You told me about your previous relationship which lasted two years, but then she ditched you. Knowing she was your “first love” it was difficult to listen to you talk about how difficult it is to move on.

It wasn’t before long when we reached the stage where small fights began coming in our way. Something was missing. Soon, you went off for your higher studies and placements began for me.

When I applied to the same company that you were at, I remember how much I prayed for this to work out for me. I was the only one who was selected from my class. My family was thrilled, but nervous too. They didn’t want me to stay so far away from home. I had to take a hard stand against them. Show them that I was ready for the next step in my life. And eventually, it worked.

I remember being constantly frustrated, we never had time to meet, me with my 8 hours a day including the two-hour travel time and you with your work. We began spending less time with each other, but the fact that we tried to meet at least once a week, it was enough for me. No one had ever made me feel this special in my life; you’ve always been a perfect soul mate.

Even though you’ve never proposed to me, I know that I mean something to you. That we mean something much more. I’m happy with the way things are, because of this great bond that we share. And I know that in time, things will fall perfectly, as they should, for us.

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