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Nothing Tore Us Apart But I Don't Know Why It's Not Like Our Childhood Days

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This is the story my so-called best friend and me. It was in 2016 November when we first met in our girl’s college. Although, we just knew each other’s names till then. We became very close in a span of a few days.

She would cry if I didn't speak to her. We soon became friends for life.

Then we started 12th standard and became even more close, but this time there some disturbances in our friendship which led to many fights. But we never stopped talking to each other. I liked her very much and she likes me too. I have always been an introvert. Things changed when I met her, I started to share everything with her and she did with me. Though I was staying in a hostel, I never felt lonely because of my lovely friends. I enjoyed a lot with all of them. New Year’s Eve 2017 was the most unforgettable one. We celebrated together, and the way we jumped, screamed and danced was memorable.

The sound of New Year’s reminds me of our crazy time that night.

Now as we are finishing our BIPS, everyone got into different colleges. Like all groups, ours also inevitably dispersed. I didn’t have many friends in my school days. These were my only friends. As soon as we got into college, it seems like everyone forgot about each other and the moments we had spent together. Our memories remained memories and I had lost all hopes of recreating them. My so-called best friend who had taken care of me like a mother totally ignored me after that. I don’t know why she became like this. Even though she loved me a lot and we were so close, I wonder why we drew apart.

Now we only talk once in a while. It seems like we have become strangers.

I still reminisce about everyone, the moments we spent together, and I miss my best friend the most. Every night, we would talk to each other for long hours. Everything reminds me of her, and I am unable to forget her. I pray to God for things to become the same again. I don’t know why forgetting someone is so hard. Dear best friend, please come back. I want you to be like you were, again. Please come back, all my dear friends.

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