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Not All Of Us Can Find Love, Even Outside Marriage

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This was two years back when I was going through turbulent times in my marriage. I had completed seven years of marriage and I had a daughter. I had a love marriage but my family never accepted her wholeheartedly. My wife has got a strong personality. She is short tempered and dominating. My parents and we lived separately in a house. I was not happy with my situation but had got adjusted to it.

My wife always nagged me and it was far from being a happy marriage. I spent more time at the workplace and came home late. I belong to a northern part of the country but worked in Chennai. I was working in human resources department of an IT company. I was supposed to take care of the employee issues and understand their problems.

I was going through a lot of stress due to my personal life. We had one new colleague joining in our department and she was going to report me.

She was a Christian. She was cute and had vibrant energy with childlike quality in her. Over some time, we got close to each other. We shared about our personal lives with each other. It was never an attraction for me.

I was looking for companionship and happiness.

She had just broken up with her boyfriend of four years as he had cheated on her. She was very fond of makeup and nail polishes. She liked the attention and had many male friends. We started enjoying each other's company. One day, I proposed her and she accepted it. It was a happy phase in our relationship with a lot of physical intimacy in it.

She was an excellent kisser. We kissed each other daily in our boss's cabin in the late evening after everyone left in our team. We were having a lot of fun.

We watched movies and went to fancy restaurants and I gifted her many things. We fought at times. I was becoming possessive about her. We had eleven years of age difference and also she had many male friends, which made me feel jealous and possessive.

I wanted to get married and she never spoke about this topic. Slowly, she started changing as a person and becoming cold to me. She stopped sharing things with me. I came to know through one of my friends that she was dating an employee in the infrastructure department. I asked her but she did not accept it.

But I could notice that she was spending a lot of time with that person in the office and ignored me.

I felt a lot of pain and felt cheated. She was a liar. She felt that she was always right. But she was not. I have heard that she is dating someone else. 

But the best thing from this relationship is that I have become close to my family. I am spending more time with my daughter.

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