No, Some People Are Not Inherently Good And They Don't Deserve Love

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 19 December, 2017

I'm gonna start by saying that this may sound filmy, however, it happened to me this year.

2017 was and is the worst year I have witnessed by far when it comes to relationships. I met this half-Catholic half-Punjabi guy from Delhi. We worked together. He was all charming and sweet initially, and I was bowled over by him.

I couldn't imagine a day without him.

I was happy for a week or two. However, my happiness was shortlived. I came to know that he was double dating with someone else from the same company. Whenever I confronted him about it, he used to deny it. People at work asked me to move away as he was not a good guy, but I was blinded by love's rose-tinted goggles.

I thought things were bad but I had no idea that they were about to get worse.

He didn't get his salary for 3 months because of a delay. I helped him financially every week. He then told me that he needed to repay someone for an amount he had borrowed, and asked me to get a credit card. I declined multiple times but he assured me that the payment would be made as soon as possible.

I, like the blind bat that I am, took 2 cards and got a phone for him. And not an ordinary phone, but the latest iPhone. He sold the phone for money and paid the person he owes it to. Here I am, still paying the EMIs.

Whenever we went out, he used my cards. Once the limit of the 2 cards was used, he asked me to apply for 2 more. This time, I put my foot down and declined. He kept on assuring me that he will pay it back in a month or 2. Call me foolish, but I got 2 more. He went out and used those cards as well.

He was kicked out of his house and since he didn't have money, I helped him with the rent for his new place. One day, the other girl he was double dating confronted me and we got into a heated argument. We took it back to him. He agreed to what he was doing and told both of us individually that he didn't speak with the other. So we both got back and I decided to give him another chance.

He told me later that he left the other girl and I felt I could see the silver lining in the black cloud. However, my happiness was shortlived again.

I was unwell and didn't report to work for 11 days and by then, he had started dating someone else. When I came to know about it, he denied it completely. He kept on denying it until I nagged him to no end, so he asked me to leave and never to call him or message him again.

I told him to return the money he owed me and assured him that I would leave when he did. I realized I stopped talking to friends for him, and didn't give time to my family for him, only to be treated like the other girls.

If only I had listened to my friends and trusted my gut, I wouldn't have been here.

People call me foolish, however, mistakes happen and I really hope 2018 will be a better year.

Editor's Note:

This isn't the first time a woman got played, so share this story to make sure nobody else does.