My Soulmate Was My Best Friend But I Was Dating Someone Else.

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 29 September, 2017

I always believed in the concept of 'soulmates' and the influence it has on your life decisions, making the souls eventually be together. I had never imagined that I would be married to my 'soulmate'. We met in college as co-dancers of his dance troupe. He happened to have the same name as my dad's, which first caught my attention on a social site as alumni, even before I joined the University.

He was my senior and I never came across him until a week before the college fest, ringing a bell of familiarity, as if I knew him from somewhere unknown; I blew away that feeling assuming that it would be because of the similarity of names. We quickly got acquainted and would be a little biased towards each other, unknowingly; we would easily read each other's face and would know the other's opinions even before a word had been spoken.

We had never got to practice together, yet our pair was picked as the best for onstage dance. He graduated from the college making me feel awkwardly aware of a void I could not put my finger on. We were still in touch via messages, but I could not picture him anything more than a friend as I was seeing someone else. We were so alike in nature, sharing so many preferences, hobbies and even similar incidents in life as if he was living a life that was a mirror image of mine. Yet, I did not catch the hint of the universe that I need not look any further.

After I graduated from my college, my parents had a word about my marriage, wherein I admitted to having been seeing someone and my parents felt it was best to abide by my decision if that is what the other boy wanted too. I spoke to my boyfriend and told him about it and I was promptly turned down breaking my heart. I spent weeks and months after in remorse, without much thought of future. All this time, he was there as a friend urging me to hold onto that past relationship, if it meant so much.

After 2 years, my family could not wait for enough for my marriage and they began their search for prospects, I would turn them all down without a glance, until one day my husband's family sent a proposal to my parents. I could not refuse. I felt an unknown joy that seemed to have wiped out my remorse. Just to make sure this was not an emotional rebound or an obligation that I could not refuse; our parents gave us as much time we needed to picture the other person as a life partner.

We realised that when we gave each other a chance, we would be oblivious to our troubles. Today, we are happily married. Later, he admitted to having felt the same feeling of belonging, I had felt when we first met.


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