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My Husband's Phone Will Break Our Marriage Soon

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I am an educated girl and I was working with a reputed software company in Bangalore. My husband and I had an arranged marriage. We had a good life for 4-5 months of marriage and then he said that he wants to settle down in our hometown. I had to quit my job and move with him to settle there.

This still seemed fine but the trouble began when I once checked his cellphone.

My husband got annoyed because I had checked his phone and in fact, I had found evidences of him flirting around with other girls. Our arguments and fights escalated. His parents were on his side without even asking me what I had to say. My parents blamed me for not trusting my husband, and said I was the reason behind my bad marriage. They convinced me that he is a good person and I should trust him.

I apologized to his parents so that he could start talking to me and he did, just like a typical mumma's boy.

We had a child too and it has been four years since then. Yesterday, my cellphone battery was down and I had to set an alarm on his cellphone. As I took his phone in my hand, a WhatsApp message flashed. After four long years I had touched his phone, and to my shock the same story continues. He got annoyed again because I went near his phone. I am not sure what to do. He says they are just his friends but I sense that things are fishy. It is difficult when a loved one does this.

I have no clue whether he loves me but I was a fool to have thought that we have a great marriage.

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