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My Husband Taught Me That I Could Love Again, Just Like The First Time

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I have always maintained that your first love is your first love. And nobody and nothing can fill that void. But today, I'm happy to correct myself. You can fall in love twice. The cherry on top is if you find the right person- then everything falls into place like magic.

I got married to someone whom I dated for seven-and-half years. Out of which, we were in a long distance relationship for five-and-half years. Before this relationship happened, I loved another man. He belonged to a different religion, and I was on a one-way street with him. He never loved me back like I did. He thought I was his best friend but I was head-over-heels in love with him.

Even after being married for 2-3 months, I believed that I would never get over my first love. I thought I was incapable of loving him the same way. You see, I never got to open up my feelings to him. I never had the chance to be vulnerable with him. So much was left unsaid between us.

I always thought I had to find a way to make him realize that I truly love him. I thought that's how I could change things between us. But after spending a year with my husband, I realized what true love really stands for.

He loves me unconditionally and stands by my side on every occasion without me even asking him. When we were in the long distance relationship, I was immature and lonely, which led me to commit several mistakes. I feel guilty about them sometimes. But my husband tells me not to dig up the past. He says we should focus on our present and build a beautiful future together.

A normal Indian man takes great pleasure in torturing his wife about her mistakes, especially by digging up past relationships. But my forgiving husband surprises me every time. I started sharing my life with him after we got married and my respect for him keeps increasing.

I am so proud of the fact that my husband is the biggest feminist I know. I love that about him. He cares for my parents as much as I care for them. Love is selfless and unconditional, and my husband taught me that.

He loved me without any conditions and for the person I am. I have started to love him the same way I did in the initial years of our relationship. I feel lucky to have got back my lost feelings for him.

I would tell anyone reading this to not lose hope. If your first relationship didn't work out well, then there is always a second chance. Don't close your heart like I did because the world is beautiful and someone will always fill that void soon, and then all we can recognize as love can happen twice.

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