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My Husband Is A Doctor And I Shouldn't Have Ever Asked Him About That Case

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It was a regular Sunday evening. My husband, a pediatric intensivist returned home after a 12-hour shift. We spent some time playing with our 8 months old son Dhruv.

At around 9 pm, Dhruv fell asleep and I stepped into the kitchen to make dinner. As I turned around, I saw my husband cutting vegetables. I told him to sit down and watch TV as he seemed very tired.

He said, “It has been four days since I had a complete meal, let me help you, then we can eat together.” Thanks to the electronic gadgets we finished cooking in the next 25 minutes and settled down to have our dinner.

Just then, we heard the phone ring.

In the next 2 minutes, my husband was out of our house. There was an emergency case being brought to the hospital, so he had to leave immediately. I felt sorry for him, but this being a daily thing, I finished my dinner and settled down with my son and his toys.

At around 1 AM, I heard the doorbell ring. I opened the door and he seemed even more tired. I asked him what was the case and he replied, “f = mgh” and went in for a quick shower, even while my dad-addict son was very impatiently waiting for him.

I reheated the food and served him. Out of curiosity, I asked him what the case was about again. Since being his girlfriend and then his wife, I have seen and heard a number of bad to worse cases that he has treated, but this one was really a disturbing case.

The case goes... At around 8:30 PM, a 3 year old along with her grandfather goes walking along the road to a nearby grocery store. She might have been excited about buying a bar chocolate or a chips packet that she loved.

In the meanwhile, a person who had decided to commit suicide jumps from the top of a building (the height “h”) in front of which these two were passing. That man (he must have been around 70kgs “m”) falls (gravity “g”) on this innocent kid resulting in (f = mgh) a fractured skull, swollen brain, multiple fractures along the body, and so goes the list.

The images (taken for records) were so disturbing that I did not dare imagine what her mother must be going through. Is she now thinking “Had I stopped her from accompanying her grandfather, she might have cried a little and fallen asleep but now..." or "What is she going through?!”

It might take her months to get back to being a normal child or she might not as well, now time will have to decide her future. For no mistake of hers, she had lost a part of her childhood. Hearing all this, I just held my son close to me and thought… “ARE OUR CHILDREN REALLY SAFE?"

Only a parent knows how cautious they have to be every minute to protect children from various hazards around us. Until yesterday, I only thought I had to look around while walking on the road. Now I think we must even start looking up at regular intervals to check that no one is suddenly going to jump on us.

I wish the little angel a speedy recovery and I am eagerly waiting for her smile when she leaves the ICU.

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