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My Husband And I Still Behave Like Newly-Weds But I'm Keeping A Secret From Him

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I am a married woman. My husband and I are living a very good life together and we are both very open-minded. It is been 5 years since we were married and it still feels like we are newly married. But anyway, this story is not about me and my husband. This is something which had happened when I was on my vacation and was at my parents' place.

I met my childhood friend after a long time. We have known each other since I was 4 or 5 years old. He is also living a happy life with his wife and a kid.

So we met one fine day to cherish our childhood moments and to enjoy the day. As it was so hot outside (maybe April or May), we decided to take a hotel room for rent for few hours and drink some beer.

It’s not unusual for us to meet alone because we are best friends and we had met alone many times like this before, either at my place or at his place whenever I used to go to my hometown (I left my hometown long way back for higher studies).

But this time instead of going to each other’s home we met outside and decided to rent a room. So while drinking beer, we were discussing our lives with each other, sharing some cute and funny moments of our childhood, each other’s crushes, punishments that teachers had given us; basically a trip down memory lane.

There was a moment when we both were sitting on a bed and having puffs from a cigarette. And yes we both were drunk at that time. Then we saw each other and suddenly we started kissing each other.

And believe me, it was the most passionate kiss I had after many years. It was the same feeling I had when I kissed for the first time in my life. Maybe because it was the new touch after a very long time.

Anyway, we both managed not to go beyond the kiss and soon we left the place. While dropping me back home we both were feeling awkward but we held each other’s hands until the time I reached my place.

After that, we both decided to keep this a secret and to cherish that moment for this lifetime. The kiss just happened during that moment. And yes, we still are best friends.

I do not know when I will go to my hometown again but surely I am going to meet him again during my next visit.

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