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My Heart Belongs To Him That’s Why It Keeps Hurting Me

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How do you stop loving someone?

The day this question comes to your mind, it means that you’ve been hurt. And the wounds are so deep within that you just want to be released from this pain.

You want your feelings to go away. You don’t want to feel anything at all. You question why God gave you a heart in the first place!

But there should be an easy way to not feel these things, right? Unfortunately, there isn’t.

I never thought I would be one of those people who would fall for someone whom I could never call mine.

Loving someone with all your heart, every nerve and every cell in your body is a beautiful feeling but not getting the same love in return is painful.

What makes it more painful is that you know the other person is not trying to hurt you or harm your feelings in any way. It is not their fault because they never made promises to you, to love you like the way you love them, still, you feel betrayed because it is difficult to make your heart understand.

What makes it worse is that they do love you; they feel for you and would do anything for you.

They are genuine towards your feelings and your heart. So, you see my point; you cannot hate them or forget them. There just seems no way out!

This kind of love is the most difficult one. At least in the other cases, you either stop talking to them because they just don’t care or you drift apart and eventually get over your feelings.

But I can never hate him because I know him too well and maybe that’s my curse. And it hurts.

He is a very nice person. I have known him like no one else can ever understand. Sometimes I wonder, what if I’d never met him or if I could just go back in time and erase that day when we met.

But the very next moment I dismiss the thought because he is such a special part of my life. The day that he came into my life, everything started falling into place.

I felt it for the very first time; the kind of love you only read in books or see in movies.

He is the best thing to happen to me, a person with whom you just click. We did not take much time to understand each other or be each other’s friend and confidante. We’d talk the whole day long and still not get tired, just wanting more and more of each other.

We shared everything from our biggest secrets to darkest fears, likes and dislikes, every damn thing. We became best friends. And we care about each other more than words can describe.

But there is no way to get rid of my feelings, as they are real.

I will never be able to get over him and maybe some part of me never even wants to. It just wants to love him.

Maybe, my heart now belongs to him and can think only about him and that’s why it keeps hurting me.

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