My Father Cannot Stop Helping People And They Can't Help Taking Him For Granted

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 28 May, 2018

My father is very kind and innocent person. People always take him for granted and fulfil their needs as they know he is a favourable person. His own sisters and brothers have taken advantage of him and have made him pay all the amount for their children’s studies and their marriages, even though they are the richest in the family.

About 3 years ago from today, my brother’s marriage was fixed. My father was very excited, the bride's side came to know about my father's innocence soon and they started calling him daily to gain his trust.

Later they started pushing their responsibility of their daughter’s marriage towards my father by telling that they didn't have much money to organise the wedding even though they had enough to marry off their 5 other daughters.

And it was us who took the whole responsibility of the wedding and on the wedding day, it was them who pointed on us that the arrangements were not good. And it's been 2 years since my brother got married and till now they call my father every day and demand him for money for their medicines, their son’s schooling, and everything.

Their daughter who is married to my brother now, does not show any interest in the household and even she is not bothered to go find a job so that she can help her parents on her own.

It's us who are being foolish to the plays of these people. So I have learnt that it's better to be practical and giving much leniency to people is not good. Hope my father understands this.

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