My Extra-Marital Affair Was A Little Extra Special

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 31 October, 2017

I have been married for 6 years now. We have a 2-year-old daughter. I am employed in a large Indian conglomerate. Mine was an arranged marriage but we courted each other for a year before we finally took the plunge. I continue to lead a normal life even today.

I have a job in a good office. I lead a stress-free life. My wife and I share a loving relationship and we have a good set of friends. What else does one need in life?

But my life took a detour when I was transferred to a different branch of my office in the same city. One day, I saw a lady sitting a couple of rows away from my seat. I could not see her directly but she was in my line of sight. At first, I would look at her only casually. But soon I started observing her consciously.

I was a married man so naturally, I did this reluctantly and stealthily. I absolutely loved watching her.

Whenever she got up to fetch herself a cup of coffee or a glass of water, I would look at her. I would see her going to the cafeteria with her friends. I could do all this very easily because I was tall.

Initially, I did not realize that something was happening to me. I did not pass up a single opportunity to catch sight of her. This went on for around 3 months. By now, I had decided that I was going to make an effort to talk to her. I thought that at least we could be good friends. She was my junior in the office and belonged to a different team. She was younger than me too.

But somehow deep within my heart, I knew I really liked this woman.

We had absolutely no interaction with each other. In fact, we had not even said, “Hi!” to each other. But we peeped at each other at least three or four times in a day. I decided to wish her on New Year's day. That was the first time we had a 5-second interaction with each other.

Things were back to ‘normal’ again. We could not muster the courage to talk though we both wanted to do so.

One fine day, I received accolades from my seniors for winning a competition. She came forward and congratulated me. Both of us were members of a common chat group. So I knew her number. But I had never messaged her so far. This seemed like a good opportunity so I messaged her on WhatsApp that day. We began chatting.

We chatted about our hobbies and the kinds of books we read. We then chatted about our favourite music, movies, actors, actresses, and authors. We also talked about the weather and the things going on in our office. At the end of each conversation, we realized how much we had in common.

I then came to know that she had a boyfriend. She knew I was married and had a kid.

I found our conversation and small talk very endearing. Our chats slowly gained momentum and we chatted throughout the day. We chatted while we were attending official meetings or even while having our lunch. Sometimes we chatted even in the evenings and continued to do so till late in the night.

Slowly, we started complimenting each other. We never wasted a single opportunity to peep at each other and exchange a smile. In a way, we had expressed our love for each other within 2 weeks. We fell so deeply in love that we started chatting almost all the time. We rarely interacted directly because we did not want to create any fodder for gossip.

I was happier than ever and this feeling was so special to me. It was as if I was falling in love for the first time. This was not my first extra-marital relationship.

I had experienced love several times with other women. But somehow, I felt it was different this time. Very different. We both had our share of short bouts of guilt. I loved my wife and she was lying to her boyfriend. Fundamentally, we both were lying to our partners and confiding in each other.

We met in my car for the first time and kissed. After that day, we met regularly after office hours. I would drop her to the nearest pickup point and she would board her bus from there. This way we managed to meet for 40-45 minutes every working day. Slowly we started touching and caressing each other. After a while, I gently touched her thighs.

Every time we met, we went a step further and eventually ended up being all over each other. My wife became suspicious with each passing day but we continued to meet regularly.

If you ever decide to have an extra-marital affair, always remember that your cell phone is your biggest enemy.

After contemplating about our relationship for a long time we ended up in a hotel room one fine day. We even tried breaking up twice. But we couldn’t stay apart.

That day, we shed all our inhibitions. We succumbed to the temptation of enjoying all the worldly pleasures.

We smooched each other like mad. We caressed each other and finally ended up having sex 4 times by the evening.

Everything is over now. Our relationship lasted for 6 months but we gave it our best shot. We broke up on a good note though. I respect her a lot. I know she will always have a special corner in my heart. I will never forget her or our little love story.

Editor's Note:

Share this story because it’s time we all realized that breakups need not be bitter. It is so so very important to always end things on a good note.