My Ex Was Brutally Heartbroken For What He Did To Us

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 25 November, 2017

We were happy with each other. It was a long distance relationship but we managed it perfectly.

He was a short-tempered person and sometimes used abusive words in anger, but he would always apologize to me for not being able to control his anger.

He was not the first boy in my life nor I was the first lady in his life but we decided to be the last in each other’s lives.

He always told me, "You are already my wife and no one can replace you." I was deeply in love with him.

But we were not like other couples that waste their time talking on the phone for entire nights because we were focused on our carriers.

I still remember that unfortunate day when things changed. It was our 2nd anniversary. I was waiting to call and surprise him. Since I could not wait until midnight, I decided to call him at 11.30 p.m. But he was on another call.

He often told me that he spoke to his friends at night to discuss some important topics.

I sent him a text to call me when he was free. After about 20 minutes, I tried calling him again but he was still busy on the other call. I sent him another message, which was received but he still didn’t reply.

I tried calling him once again at 12. I felt like someone was squeezing my heart. It was racing. I was going mad! I kept calling him in every 10 - 15 minutes till 5 a.m.

I cried the entire night. At 7 a.m., I tried calling him again.

This time, the line wasn’t busy but he didn't respond to my call.

After about 10 minutes, he called me back. I kept my cool and gently asked him, "Would you please explain?" His reply was, "Explain what?"

When I asked him why he was busy the whole night, his reply was, "I slept off with the call on and the line probably didn’t get disconnected from the other side."

That’s when I questioned him about whom he was talking to in the first place. His response shocked me.

He said, "Please don’t get me wrong, as I was going to tell you. Her name is Nidhi and we have been speaking for a few days. Our families wanted us to get married."

I was so angry that I told him to stay with that girl itself and stop calling me!

He coolly said, "Talks were on but now we’re not getting married." He claimed that she had some problems at home and hence he was speaking to her. After that day, I’ve cried every night for almost 2 months.

He said that he couldn't leave me nor could he leave the other girl.

I begged him to stop talking to her but he would be busy on the call every night while I’d keep calling him like an insane person.

I still hoped that he'd come back into my life. He assured me that they were just friends and that I could speak to her and clarify the same.

But he never gave me her number nor did he let me talk to her.

After coercing him for a long time, he admitted that they were in a relationship. Post that day, I decided to move on in life. I miss him sometimes but I've developed a hatred for him.

As karma would have it, the other girl got engaged somewhere else and dumped him.

So, he wanted to come back into my life and cried like a child. He even begged me to just be his friend. I felt great that day.


I just want to tell him this.

Dear ex, I’m not insane to trust you again. You got what you deserved.
Editor's Note:

Share this story because it is very difficult to let go of someone whom you genuinely love. But some situations need you to choose the right thing over your emotions. Kudos to this brave girl for making the right decision!