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My Boyfriend Is Not Indian And I’m Afraid That I'd Have To Choose Between My Parents And Love

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Hello readers,

Today I have decided to give my thoughts a platform so that I can reach you and seek your opinion on my life story.

I am a very normal, happy-go-lucky, and cheerful girl. My parents are very supportive towards me. They have always been there for me through the thick and thin. It was my wish to study abroad and I am glad they supported my dream. You must be wondering "Where is the problem here?"

I am 25 years old and I understand that my parents are already going against the societal norms by letting me pursue my dreams and not planning my wedding. However, they, of course, want to see their daughter married at a certain age and have a fulfilling life. There’s nothing wrong with that. But I am in love with a guy, who I met during my studies abroad. He loves me too.

We have been a really happy couple and have shared loads of beautiful memories.

I can think of a bright future with him but the problem is he is not an Indian. He is a lovable guy who has always selflessly loved me and taken care of me in all aspects. We even think of having kids someday and settle down somewhere nice and have simple yet beautiful lives together. But I am afraid, someday, I would have to choose between my parents and my love. This shatters me to the core.

I love him so much that I don't really think I can live without him but I can't live without my parents' love and support either.

It is really an impossible decision. I cannot take it. I want to spend my life with my love but also not lose my parents. Do you think it is possible in our present Indian culture scenario? Let me know if there are any viable options in this situation.

Don't you think we, as the millennials of India, are stuck between two different lives?

One, real us and the other one which we put up for our parents and the society? Why can't we change that? Why do we care so much about what the society thinks, even more than our own happiness and wellbeing? Why can't we change this and make new norms where we are free to do what makes us happy (as long as it does not harm somebody)? Why do we keep following the age-old recipe for regret and unhappiness?

Do we lack the spine to stand for ourselves and just be our true self?

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