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My Best Friends Decided To Have Some Fun At The Cost Of My Relationship

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I am writing this story because I don’t really understand several aspects of my college life. I am doing my Masters degree now and this incident happened about 4 months back. We were about to finish our course and I happened to like a girl very much. I knew she didn’t like me. I even thought of telling her about my feelings several times but I didn’t do so. I thought I would tell her about it when we finished our course.

But sometimes things are meant to go wrong. My best buddies in college told me that the girl I liked was avoiding me. I told them that if this was the case, then she shouldn’t behave so contradictorily. She could just openly tell me if something was wrong with me.

And it turned out that my friends were just joking about it. They then passed on my remarks to that girl and she got angry. I knew it was my fault that I had trusted the wrong person. But I couldn’t understand what she said. She said that I thought she was a bad person. She told me that I b***hed about her.

She said all these things just because I had not trusted her once. I confessed my feelings to her but she said that I was faking my feelings. She then said that I felt I was special whenever any girl talked to me nicely.

I tried convincing her but I ended up sounding desperate to her. She got irritated. We had a few fights and she stopped talking with me completely.

We were on the verge of finishing our course in college now. I asked another friend of mine to meet me just once. She got to know about this. And now she said I am a ‘tharki’.

So, according to her, if I like her and she is not talking to me, I should stop meeting my other friends. In fact, I cannot meet them even once.

I pleaded with her and begged her to come back. But she refused and said that I was a beast. I was tired.

I blamed my friends who had created this misunderstanding between us. They had done so without any real reason just for the sake of having some fun.

Now, I thought that maybe I should talk to random girls on Instagram. So I followed a few girls. One day I got a text from a girl. We both talked and flirted a little. I realized quickly that it was of no use so I unfollowed her. Again, my best friends told her what I was doing. She now said I was a cheap person.

I found this very unfair because when I asked her to get back with me, she did not do so because I had irritated her a little. But when I followed other girls on Instagram because I wanted to move on, she called me a cheap person.

I don’t really know whether the girl wanted to end her friendship with me or if it was my fault that I had irritated her so much. I don’t know what I should do with my best friends. Because of them, the girl I like has completely blocked me. I know I might sound desperate but only I know how badly I miss that girl. I have spent many sleepless nights thinking about her. I was so unhappy when she shouted at me angrily.

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