Ma: I’m Sorry I Behaved Badly With You. I Now Know What Unconditional Love Means.

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I belong to a middle-class family. I have been brought up by my mother. I lost my father when I was 5 years old.

My mother had a tough time managing things. She fought her battles all by herself. I am 20 years old now and all through my growing up years my mother ensured that we never felt the absence of my dad.

She loved my brother and me equally and unconditionally. But I ended up hurting her unknowingly even though I knew she was the most caring person in my life.

I was a just a teenager when I fell for a guy. I guess everyone faces the same things in their teenage years. They end up doing things that they should never have done. I fell in love with my schoolmate. Initially, he was just my best friend. I confessed my feelings to him after 2 years. We both were in 10th grade at that time.

When he said, “YES” to my proposal, I fell in love with him all over again. I could visualize spending my entire life with him.

Today, I know this is a passing phase. Everything was going on well in the beginning. Both of us were deeply in love with each other. I now wonder if it was one-sided love.

But after 7 months, I got to know that he was dating another girl. He now ignored me and started fighting with me over useless things. He had never done such things before.

Yet, I tried to save my relationship because I was deeply in love with him.

We were in a relationship for 14 months. I knew he was cheating on me but I still wanted him to be a part of my life forever.

My birthday was around the corner and he had planned to give me a breakup as my birthday gift.

I did not know about his plans. He wished me nicely on my birthday and pretended as if nothing was wrong. He then asked me to meet him in our usual place. When we met, he just deleted my number and all our memories from his phone. He then said, “You needed a gift, right?” I just looked at him and said, “No. It’s okay if you don’t give me any gifts. All I need from you is your love.” He then said, “I was never in love with you. I just liked you as a person. I am in love with another girl now.”

He then ended our relationship on my birthday.

When I returned home, I just wanted to commit suicide. I was crying like hell that day. When my mom saw me crying, she too started crying with me. She asked me what was bothering me so much. I told her everything. She knew I was dating him.

She said, “He is not the right guy for you.”

But I was still deeply in love with him and very upset about all that had happened between us that day. I pushed her and abused her. I said, “You are the worst mom anyone could ever ask for." I then forced her to call my so-called boyfriend and ask him to continue his relationship with me.

My mom did all this just to make me happy.

He did not listen to my mom too. He told my mom that he was in love with another girl. He then told her that he had never been in love with me. My mom was heart-broken to hear all this.

I was very rude to her that day. Yet she hugged me and gave me her shoulder to cry on. I wept for an hour that day. She then made me understand that all that had happened had happened for the good. She said I deserved the best in life.

Later on, I felt very bad and guilty for all the tough times that I had given my mom. I now felt sorry for behaving like that. But at that age, I was not mature enough to know the difference between right and wrong.

It took me 4 years to get over that guy. But I realized something that day. My mother loved me unconditionally. She is the only one who will love me truly all through my life. No matter what I do or how badly I behave with her, she will always love me.

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