Love Stole Into Our Hearts, Not Long After The "Arranged Marriage" Was Through

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An unpredictable and undecided meeting not only made my future heavenly but my life full of blessings. My family had decided to find a guy for me and in time, a suitable alliance came along.

The boys’ family was fairly well known in the community and the only thing which remained unknown was the guy himself. We were still we were confused whether to go about it or not. I don't know what made me think that I should take the initiative to meet him but somehow I had a strong intuition about him and I told my dad we will go and see them.

Finally, we met and the very moment I saw him, I felt like this is the man to be with all my life.

We spent 3 great hours getting to knowing each other. He was a very shy guy but very open-hearted. The way he presented himself to me that day was just what he is even after marriage there was no miscommunication at all. He was very honest in replying all my questions and we finally mutually came across the decision to get married.

We had a courtship period of 4 months and since we were in the same city we kept meeting regularly after our engagement. My morning started with his thoughts and so did the day ended with his dreams. Though meeting daily and talking all day makes you go through occasional clashes and make you re-think if you are actually marrying the right man and even I had those moments of doubt.

After a month, my soul mate got to know that he had to travel abroad for 2 months. So, I thought that this is the right time to leave my job and go back home and rest and spend this precious time with my family. He actually came along with me to drop me to my native city. When he had to leave, I was very upset and I didn't want to part ways. The feeling was not only because of the separation but also because I was kind of insecure about the idea of being away from him.

He was never a very overtly romantic kind of guy. He wasn’t someone to show off his love.

My friends kept asking me why he was not giving me any surprises and why is he not talking to me on the phone for hours like couples usually do. I had simply no answers to these questions, so I preferred keeping my patience and waiting for the right time when people will get their answers and I will get mine.

I finally got married to him and we got settled in Delhi with our jobs and only after staying with him did I realize what kind of person he was. He was not like those guys who would flatter you and fill your life with surprises but he was much above this. He would care for me more often more than my mom n dad did. He would scold me when I was wrong. He lent me his shoulder when I needed a best friend to cry. He never made me feel as if I have left my home and came to a completely unknown person.

Anyone who met us told us that ours is a love marriage for the kind of understanding we shared. They would say that we don't need to talk through our lips because we talk through eyes and indeed, that’s true!

It's been 4 years into this lively and lovely relationship and with each passing day the love is doubling and tripling and it’s been possible only because I got a man who was loyal, honest and transparent. Betrayals after marriage are quite common these days and that's couples regret entering the wedding bond but my husband never made me feel like this even once in the 4 years we have been together.

My advice to everyone is to never build a fantasy relationship in your minds. Be REAL and welcome reality. It might not be what you had imagined but once you embrace it, it will make you happy forever.

Thank you so much for lighting up every part of my life in the best possible way, My Love.

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