Karma Found Me In The Most Painful And Unpleasant Manner, And Now I'm Scared To Live.

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 24 May, 2018

This is why I’m the worst man alive…

I’m the kind of guy who knows he got the looks, the charm and the natural way to woo a woman. I know I may sound like I’m bragging but trust me I have a way over women and they just fall for me. For me, getting a woman is like going hunting. You have to be patient, cunning and know the right moment to act. More importantly, how to carefully select my prey.

This is why I’m the worst guy in the world.


There was this girl, she was so innocent and for her, the world was a perfect place where she would one day find her knight in shining armour. I knew how vulnerable she was and I pretended to be her Prince Charming. I would open the door for her and give her all the compliments of the world.

One day, we went hiking with a group and she forgot to carry soap. I told her I had only one soap; so I gave her mine to use. And because the place was dark, I told her I waited outside. Boy, was she over the moon! I became her world, instantly!

She began living and breathing for me. And then it happened. She was 18 and I was 22. I got what I wanted.

Soon, I began drifting slowly and she wasn’t ready to accept this. I did all kind of shit and then left her life. She cried and everything, but I wasn’t there to console her.

Girl Number 2 walked in soon after. She was nerdy, smart and strong, that was until I broke her. It took me an entire week to brainwash her. I made her fall in love with me. I showed her a world that I knew she wanted to see. And there was, on cloud number nine.

I walked away, three months later and she ran to her father, angry as anything. Turns out, he was a military man and he threatened to kill me. She tried to commit suicide too.

Today, she’s in the mental hospital. And then came Girl Number 3.

It took me less than a minute to woo her and she fell for me, instantly. I used her like trash. 

She used to come to meet me every Saturday and we have sex every time; after that, she leaves. I don’t even help her find a taxi. We did this for around two months, till I got bored and told her I’m marrying my cousin. She cried and cried. One year later, I’ve used so many girls that something happened.

I became sick.

I began acting crazy; I was sure that I was going to die early. My back started hurting, a lot now and despite going to the best hospitals in the country, they told me that my body was absolutely fine and that there’s nothing wrong with me.

Soon, I started having hallucinations and was convinced that I had cancer. My family is so worried and they don’t know what to do.

The final twist to this plot was when I vaguely remember that I was on my way to celebrate Eid. I was driving a Toyota Fielder and it was around 11 pm at night. Suddenly, my car began behaving weirdly and the brake’s failed.

I tried to drive to the nearest gas station when I suddenly lost control of my car and it flew over a sidewalk and hit an advertising post.

All I remember was my airbag bursting and sirens. I woke up in a hospital and except for a few minor injuries and the shock, I was fine.

Suddenly, I realized that this was my second chance. This was my way to live and redeem myself. I began mending my ways. I contacted almost all the girl’s I had been with and begged for their forgiveness. There was one who said she couldn’t forgive me, but the rest forgave me.

I even visited the girl who was in the mental hospital, only now she doesn’t recognize me.

She stares at the ceiling for a long time and breaks into a long, hard laughter and then begins calling out my name. I don’t think I’m ever going to find peace in knowing what I did. I was young and reckless. I know karma isn’t done with me yet, but I will hope that one day, I will have paid for my mistakes.
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