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Just Because I'm A Chartered Accountant, It Doesn't Mean I Don't Have A Life To Celebrate

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My life is becoming like a whirlpool and I feel helpless at each and every point in time. I don't know why I say this because everybody is so nice to me but despite that I feel so lonely and left out. I'm a CA by profession and with God's grace, I have been successful in whatever I have done till now. I have noticed many of my relatives and acquaintances believe that CAs’ course life is too difficult as one has to study for more than 14 or 15 hours a day and needs more patience in clearing the examinations. But actually, I say the life of a CA after passing is even more miserable as society has very high expectations from them and every time they need to keep themselves abreast to keep these expectations intact.

It does not end there, this also means that you will have zero personal life and cannot pursue any of your passions and do something which is close to your heart. But I decided to do something different.

I didn't wish to be like any other CA who earns in crores and has a huge bank balance but does not have any time to use it. I love theatre, I'm a theatre artist and I love to watch and act in plays. I'm also into teaching wherein I teach CA Students the subjects of the course and above all, my best pass time is playing percussion instruments as I'm at an amateur stage.

But this love for my extracurriculars is taking a toll on my professional life.

It is unfortunate that I don't have any like-minded people in my office, let alone for accompanying me, there is not even a single person I can share my thoughts with. It is because of this attitude of mine, in an attempt to concentrate both on my passion as well as my profession is alienating me from people who claim themselves to be like-minded. My manager whom I'm working with does not treat me with respect, I don’t get even the slightest amount of respect like my juniors get.

I don't know why. Is it wrong that I'm thinking like this?

But I have noticed this several times and now I don't have an answer. Is it so wrong to be different and pursue your passions? People reading this would think that why doesn't this guy come out and join somewhere else or start up on his own, if he is not happy with the current organisation. Trust me, if I join somewhere else, I would be writing for more pages than what I'm writing over here.

With regards to starting my own, the learning experience, financial issues and family commitments, are what restricts me. The above reasons just keep me going within this organisation. But I hope that someday my manager realizes my intentions, understand my thoughts and helps me to pursue my interests. I don't know how many CAs out there will be reading my article, but whoever is reading it, please encourage your subordinates to pursue their interests, they would still be efficient and will be contributing to the organisation’s objectives in multi folds.

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