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I've Lived With You In My Dreams, Now I'm Waiting For Them To Come True

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*For representational purpose only.

It was not "love at first sight" at all.

I didn't fall for your looks, heroism or status. There are a few things that can be understood only if you see yourself through my eyes.

Your eyes and the way you laugh played a major role in making me fall for you.

I really love the sound of your laugh, which takes my breath away and spins my world around. Let me tell you about the days I have lived with you in my dreams.

The day when I can proudly tell the world that you are “mine” and you tie the mangalsutra around my neck and kiss my forehead and declare that I am yours; leaving my family, my relatives, my room, all that belongs to me behind.

And I decide to make you the centre of my life and to come with you, just for you. The day you make me part of your life, family, home and most importantly, accept me as a part of you. I have lived our "Wedding Day" a thousand times in my dreams.

The day you are mine completely; my husband and my better half who makes me whole now.

As we promise to spend our lives with each other till the end through all the ups and downs together, I promise to be your soulmate, second mother, best friend, motivator, comforter and worst enemy too till the end of my last breath.

Holding your hand, a thousand questions and fears come to my mind. But the moment I enter your home, I feel like you are my beautiful world. Just a small thread changes everything, doesn’t it?

All that belongs to you, your strengths, weaknesses, your mom and your dog, everything is now mine too.

The day where I dream every single day in your room, in your bed next to you, holding your hand and lying on your chest, my soul will find peace and the happiness, which fills my heart and my heart wouldn’t mind stopping at that moment. I will love you, protect you, and take care of you like a kid, always treating you as my first kid.

Love, affection, lust, anger and tears; I need to feel everything with you in this life.

We’ll always be fighting and arguing like Tom and Jerry but will never live a moment without each other. When people call you “khadoos” and some people also claim you don’t have a heart at all, yet without saying a word, just one sight of your eyes will speak your feelings, which only I can understand.

I know you won’t fight against the world for me but you will be the one who will enable me to fight and achieve everything in life.

You'll stand by my side in all the situations fulfilling the role of a father, brother, best friend, motivator, counselor, comforter, role model, hero, lover and husband and all the possible roles in my life.

The day when we find a greater meaning for us to live together, the day both our mothers jump with joy on hearing the good news; the news of my second kid’s arrival. You might act and your words might say that it’s nothing great but only I can feel the happiness of your heart through your eyes and your plans of wanting to be the best husband and best father in the world.

I see you fulfilling our kids’ wishes and helping them achieve their dreams, settling them down as we run through the last days of our life.

One fine day, we'll be sitting near the sea and you will tease me by going through all the incidents that happened in our lives. I pray to God for that moment when I feel proud of being part of your life and adding value to it by breaking your idea of living alone.

I pray that my soul leaves my body before you leave me.

Given a chance of being part of your life, I will love you till the end of my last breath and my tears will prove the depth of my love for you dear. “I love you my Super Human Samurai.”

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