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It's My Fault That My Boyfriend Got Over Me So Quickly

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We were lovers since college. He had an ex-girlfriend who was and is my best friend to date. They broke off within a month of dating, as they were not compatible. At that time, she was desperate to get him back and asked for my help.

I became friends with him just to help her but slowly, we fell for each other and got committed with my best friend’s consent.

I too had an ex whom I was serious with. But I was well over my breakup by the time I fell for this guy. Though I was ditched by my ex back then for some lame reasons, we were still good friends as he was a guide to me.

I had been dependent on him for a long time and my boyfriend was aware of it and was ok with it.

My boyfriend was just like me. I didn't want to repeat the mistakes I’d made in my first relationship so I would always hold myself back. But when I’d see myself in my boyfriend, it made me happy.

For all the times that my ex called me immature and blamed me for my actions, my current boyfriend made me happy for all the same reasons.

Being with him was bliss as my first relationship was really sad and I cried most of the times. This relationship made me happy and we rarely fought.

We were easy-going and fun loving people. We also survived long distance for 2 years when I had to move to a different city for work.

I mentioned my ex in this story for a reason. Apart from my parents, I had 4 good friends including my boyfriend and my ex. Unfortunately, two years back, I lost my ex in an accident.

I cannot express the grief I went through but I am glad that my boyfriend was always there for me.

It was one of the toughest phases of my life. Till then, the worst phase was when my ex ditched me for lame reasons. I cried for a whole year. But his death came as an unimaginable pain.

As a result of this incident, I fell more in love with my boyfriend because of the level of maturity he showed and how he was always there for me even though we were in different cities and had our own jobs.

It's been almost 7 years since we got committed. Now, the two worst phases of my life have been replaced by a third disastrous phase, which I am currently going through.

From the last 4 months, my boyfriend has been acting weird. His drinking and smoking habits became too much and lead to several fights between us. He would miss out on important occasions just to drink with his friends. I was certainly not ok with it.

He even started skipping work so that he could drink and party with his friends.

We had ugly fights and decided to take a break. It was for the best and I hoped he would realize his mistake. After all, we’d been together for a long time.

I never had any trust issues with him, nor did he. We were both attractive and people did hit on us but nothing bothered our relationship because we knew each other too well. We have had situations even before when we didn’t speak to each other for 20 days or even a month.

I thought this would be the same and we would eventually get back.

But it didn't happen. I started pestering him. I tried wooing him. I even tried convincing him that we would work it out but nothing worked.

It had been just a month since we stopped talking when he suddenly told me that he was seeing someone else. It didn't bother me at first because I knew him too well. He was too reserved with girls and according to what he said, they hardly met or got time to speak.

I thought it was just a rebound, so I never stopped trying.

But things were not getting better and I was losing my self-respect. It seemed better to end things and I asked him to spend some quality time with me so that we could end it on a good note.

I am 26 and for almost 7 years of my life, he has been the most important person for me, so this relationship didn’t deserve a bad ending.

I asked him to inform his so-called date that he was going to spend time with me for two days. I couldn't even imagine him being with someone else.

I assumed he was just diverting his mind. But when I was with him, the girl called his phone and since he wasn't around, I picked it up and spoke to her.

I got to know that within a span of two months, they were into each other and he had promised to marry her. They had also ended up in bed.

No wonder he wasn't dying for me. I still can't imagine in the wildest of my dreams that my boyfriend, my soulmate could get over me in no time and move on to this extent. I blame myself every day for the ugly fights we had in the past.

I feel horrible for making it so worthless.

You don't know who is at fault since this is just my side of the story. I said a lot of mean things to him that have hurt him badly. I tried my best to make up for it but nothing worked.

I feel like stalking him and that girl to see if they are together. I am not able to stop myself. I get anxiety attacks. I feel out of breath.

I can't believe that now I am expected to marry someone else and move on. I had my future all planned.

I am shattered and saturated to a point where I feel hopeless about life. There are many things that I am unable to forget. I know it's not worth getting back to him because he is least interested.

And I know nothing will ever be the same.

But I still love him and hope that someday, he’ll realize it and love me back like he earlier did.

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