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It Was So Beautiful But I Never Knew What To Call My Relationship With Him

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It started with a normal feeling and went on to become a beautiful relationship, which had no name.

This was the time when I’d started my post graduation. I met a person who people would call 'unusual'. But he was exactly like me - creative, fun loving and a person who lead life exploring new things every day.

It was very difficult for others to understand him because he was so different.

Both of us got along very well. We wanted to explore Karnataka and we’d often set out to visit several places. We were foodies too and made it a point to mark our attendance in every new hotel in Bangalore. The three (Nami, me and his bike) of us made a great combination.

We also had some memorable moments together. It was my birthday and he made it an unforgettable one for me.

My birthday falls at the end of January. On the very first day of my birthday month, I received a mail with a video of one of my friends wishing me. Every day I’d get a surprise mail with videos, photos etc. and they were amazing.

However, I didn’t know who was sending them, as it was an unknown mail id and the sender was technically sound.

Later, I discovered that it was this guy who was my secret admirer.

Once, I’d asked him to gift me an iPhone and he did. Then I asked him for a teddy bear, which was at least 7 feet tall, and he got me that too.

Anything I wished for was in front of me the very next day. No matter what it was. These gestures made me feel like a princess.

We did fight a lot but would patch up and start talking the very next day. It wasn't love nor was it just friendship. There were days when I hated him because he acted like a psycho and other days when I liked him a lot.

But I never knew what to call this relationship.

And finally one day, he just disappeared. I don’t the reason behind it but he stopped talking all of a sudden. Even I didn’t look back or try to contact him.

It's been two months since we spoke to each other. All I'm left with are the memories.

I'm glad that God made my life this surprising and interesting, even for a few days, which I will never forget.

I’ve accepted that even he needs to live his life and move on. I don't want to disturb him.

I’m just thankful to him for all the beautiful memories.

He must also thank me for all the surprises and suggestions I have given him and most of all, for being with him through his tough times. If you’re reading this, do thank me soon.

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